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   Chapter 783 Good Night, Lovely Girl

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9377

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Emily gasped in shock and covered her eyes with both hands, embarrassed to look at Jacob. However, Jacob persuaded her in a very tempting voice, "Darling, look at me..."

"No! I don't want to look at you!" Emily bit her rosy lips and continued, "Do you not have any sense of shame..."

The reason why he insisted on having a video call with her was so he could ask her to satisfy his inglorious lust. This realization left Emily's head reeling with disbelief.

"A sense of shame? What good is shame going to do to me? I don't think I need it." Jacob giggled under his breath, as he looked at Emily on the screen, flames of lust welled up in his eyes, dragging Emily into its depths. "Darling, help me, okay?"

Emily looked around and stammered, "How... How can I help you?"

Unless she had access to a teleportation device, there was no way she could just pop up right in front of him at that moment. What could she do to help him?

Jacob's eyes sharpened with burning desire, "I want you to moan for me."

"Huh?" Emily shot him an incredulous look like she couldn't believe what she was hearing, "What? No, no way! I am still in the hospital. I don't want to arouse unnecessary attention. Also, It is shameful. I am not going to do that."

"Don't worry, no one will hear you. If someone dares to laugh at you, I'll make sure that our secret dies with him," Jacob said in a serious tone. When he sensed the hesitation lingering in Emily's voice, he pretended to be miserable in a bid to arouse her sympathy. "Do you really have the heart to leave me with this unbearable lust? I feel like I'm going to explode. Emily, this is a matter of life and death!"

Emily was not one to be fooled so easily, but she also knew that Jacob wasn't one to back down easily. In the end, she gave in to his persistence and went into the bathroom with her mobile phone. Checking to see if the doors were locked, she looked at the screen and said, "Okay, fine. But I don't know how to fake noises like that. What should I do?"

"Emily, you can do it." Jacob guided her with tenderness, "Just imagine that you now are lying on the bed. You can feel the warmth of my hands, caressing your body..."

"No, no. I can't do that..." Emily's blush seared through her cheeks and for a minute she thought her face was on fire. This was the first time she had attempted to do something so awkward and shameful.

Jacob sensed her displeasure and came up with another idea. "Okay, let's try something else. Now, imagine that you've just finished a grueling marathon. You are utterly exhausted and your gasping for breath. Just think of that and making some moaning noise. It's a piece of cake. You can do it."

Emily wanted to give up as this wasn't her idea of fun, but when she saw Jacob's eyes and the eagerness in

rged up her heart.

However, she knew that Emily was not a simple woman she could persecute. She was Jacob Gu's woman. As long as he was alive, Emily was considered untouchable.

If she wanted to take revenge on Emily, the first step would be to cast in a bone between Jacob and Emily. Without Jacob's care and protection, Emily would be an easy target, like a fish on a chopping block.

However, Poppi knew it wasn't going to be easy because she also heard that Jacob loved Emily unconditionally. After giving birth to two of Jacob's children, Emily had gained a firm foothold in the Gu clan. What could she do to cast a bone between such a strong couple?

Poppi set her wits to work and eventually came up an idea.

What if she were to orchestrate something which would drive Jacob to think that Emily was a shameless heathen who had betrayed his trust? 'If he saw his wife in bed with another man, would he still love her?' Poppi imagined that it would take a shock of great magnitude to shake the foundations of Jacob's trust.

To make things better, perhaps it could also make Tyron lose his respect for such a dissolute woman.

Poppi got more excited when she remembered that Jacob was not in Jingshi City at the moment. She wished that she could just kidnap Emily now and throw her in bed with a random man so that she could take some indecent pictures and send them to Jacob, which would certainly put an end to their relationship.

Fortunately, the memories of their most recent confrontation was still fresh in her mind, enough to keep her thinking rationally. If she were to succeed in her plans she would have to be very cautious and methodical. She couldn't take any risks of exposing her part in the plan.

What mattered to her the most was the end result, where she imagined watching that bitch helplessly sink into the depths of despair!

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