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   Chapter 781 Dead By Tomorrow

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"Get off me!" Tyron cried out, shaking Poppi off him in disgust.

He didn't have feelings for Poppi the same way she did for him. For Tyron, she was just one of his common friends. Things went on just fine between them before. But in the past few years, she became more and more unreasonable and possessive, even trying to take him for her own property.

This behavior from her was intolerable for Tyron.

However, no matter how hard Tyron pushed and shook her off, Poppi wouldn't let him go. She held him tightly like he was her life support. And it seemed like the only way she could breathe was if he was by her side. "Tyron, please," she said in a softer tone. "You won't catch me doing something like this again. Okay? I'm sorry that I misbehaved today. It's just...seeing you taking care of that woman drives me crazy since you've been so nice to her..."

Tyron said nothing, and simply looked at her coldly.

Seeing this, Poppi bit on her lower lip as tears started to flow down her cheek. "Come on, Tyron," she cried out, her voice thick with emotion. "Don't you think you're being too cruel to me? If you keep ignoring me, I won't have this cut fixed and I'll bleed to death!"

Hearing this, Tyron got stressed at the thought of Poppi's influential family. With a resigned sigh, he thought of the possible consequences of her actions. He wasn't afraid of her family, but he had more important things to do right now than deal with something as trivial as that.

Thinking of this, Tyron gave in and stopped resisting. "Come to my office and I'll dress your wound," he said sternly. Then he walked up closer to Poppi, pointing a finger at her. "Never pull a stunt like that again. Ever."

With that, Poppi's sadness immediately turned into joy. As soon as Tyron turned around and led the way back to his office, a sly smile appeared on Poppi's lips.

Meanwhile, back at Emily's ward, the mess from all the commotion earlier had been cleaned up by the staff. Emily was getting some rest, although she resented the fact that she still couldn't get out of the hospital.

'What a day!

Why do I have to suffer just because that crazy woman likes Tyron?

I already have a husband and two kids. Jeez...' thought Emily.

Later in the evening, Tyron came to apologize to Emily during his rounds. He was sincere and apologetic, different from his usual coldness and detachment.

Although she couldn't tell if she was overthinking it, it ap

nt to lose, Jacob walked to the door and opened it.

There stood a sexy woman wearing a very revealing, skimpy outfit. The moment the door opened, she fell into Jacob like a falling leaf.

Nonetheless, Jacob was quick enough to avoid her. The woman lost her balance and fell heavily to the ground. Blam!

"Ouch... that hurts." The woman on the ground didn't expect that Jacob would dodge. She looked up at him with a pitiful expression on her small face. "Mr. Gu, would you give me a hand and help me up?"

Jacob's face turned red with anger. "Get out!"

"Mr. Gu, Mr. Wang sent me to take care of you... If I don't do so, he'll punish me. Please, do me a favor..." The woman started to give a little pout at Jacob, and gave a small, dramatic sniff.

But Jacob wasn't buying it. He was angry, and was not in the mood for such things. "Do you want me kick you out? Don't think that I won't beat you up just because you're a woman."

The woman was nearly frozen when she met his icy eyes. Even her body was trembling a bit with fear. But the man was too alluring for her to give up now, especially with his high social status. And so, she decided to bite the bullet and keep on seducing him.

"Mr. Gu, I know you have a wife and children. But, relax, I won't tell them. It'll be our little secret... Just this one time, save me please. I want nothing else."

"So you have the fucking audacity to come here to my room uninvited knowing well enough that I have a family?" Jacob exclaimed in disbelief. "Get out! By the way, you said you're sent by the man named Wang or something? Tell him that I shall see him dead by tomorrow!"

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