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   Chapter 780 Crazy

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Holding onto Poppi's hand tightly, Tyron glared at her darkly.

"Poppi! Stop it! Isn't this enough!" he yelled.

Pushing Poppi away, Tyron took off the transfusion bottle from the bedstead and crushed it to the ground.

Bang! The bottle was broken into pieces and the glass pieces and transparent potion sparkled all over the ground.

Poppi was pushed to the chair aside, a defeated look appearing on her face as she watched the liquid spread on the floor.

'It's the second time Tyron pushed me away for that woman!' Poppi scorned in her mind.

Turning around, Tyron looked at Emily as he held her hand gently, "Emily, are you okay? Let me check your hand."

His eyes turned into ice upon seeing Emily's bruised hand. 'Her hand is so fragile... She must have felt so much pain from what Poppi did just now, ' he thought with a heavy heart.

The sudden intimacy from Tyron made Emily uncomfortable, and she withdrew her hand quickly. "I'm okay. Dr. Tyron. Please, just get me some gauze and I'll fix it myself,"

suggested Emily, trying to distance herself from Tyron.

Although Emily did not know the relationship between Tyron and the nurse, she could feel that the woman must like Tyron very much.

'I'd better not cause more problems right now, ' concluded Emily.

Reaching back at the cart, Tyron quickly took some iodine and gauze, while his other hand still held onto Emily's, not giving her a chance to pull it back. "You can only use one hand now. It's inconvenient, so just let me help you."

"No, I don't want to trouble you. I can do it myself,"

said Emily. For a while, she tried to take her hand back for several times but failed. Fearing that she might make the wound worse, she gave up and let him patch her hand up.

"Thank you," she mumbled.

"You are welcome. It's my pleasure to help as your doctor."

Opening the iodine bottle, Tyron dabbed on Emily's wound carefully with a cotton swab. It seemed as if he was holding some precious treasure, fearing that he

t come here for me anymore. And stop bothering my patient."

"No!" Poppi yelled with. 'How dare he try to chase me out!'

"What do you mean by bothering your patient? You just want to protect Emily!"

Women's instinct was always so precise sometimes. Since the first time she saw them together, Poppi could tell that Tyron treated Emily differently as compared to other people... and as compared to her.

It was so obvious, and she hated him for it.

"What are you talking about!"

Tyron shouted back, feeling angry from Poppi's accusations.

"Oh, I've exposed your true feelings, haven't I? You just won't admit it!"

she snapped back at Tyron. Before, he would never get this angry at her. But everything changed since he met Emily.

As she thought about this, her face turned into a scowl.

She stared at Tyron, her lip quivering from anger.

"Just shut up! You're delusional!"

Tyron was really tired of quarreling with her and just wanted to leave as soon as possible. Turning around, he made his way towards the door.

However, Poppi was quick to act, and dashed forward to hold him back. The anger in her eyes suddenly turned into panic.

"I'm sorry, Tyron. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to irritate you on purpose. Please, please... Don't go, please. My hand is still bleeding. Please don't leave me, okay?"

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