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   Chapter 779 Poppi

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Knowing nothing about all this, Emily finally woke up when Tyron and Poppi were not in the ward anymore.

Slowly opening her eyes, Emily saw the white ceiling. She sat up, raising her hand carefully to hold her head.

'It seemed as if I had a long dream... And I think what happened in my dream was that I was hypnotized into Cloris. Yeah that's right. Someone called me Cloris. But I knew that I wasn't Cloris, ' she thought to herself, trying to recall the dream.

"Why would I dream of these things?" she asked herself. Rubbing her temples, she tried her best to clear her mind.

Those days as Cloris were the days she did not want to recall the most. 'Why would I remember those days again? Is that because of Tyron?

Tyron looked so much like Sean. He even looks like him...' Something was nagging at the back of her head that she just couldn't grasp.

"No, no..." she murmured. 'Tyron is an orthopedic surgeon. It is impossible for him to know how to hypnotize people the way Sean does.

Plus, I met Tyron after coming to this hospital. He had no reason to do harm to me.

It must be because that Tyron looks so much Sean that he would remind me of those days, ' Emily shook her head as she tried to persuade herself.

Right then, someone opened the door and a nurse in a pink coat stepped in, pushing a medicine cart in front of her.

"Emily, it's time to have the injection," said the nurse.

'Injection?' The strange voice of the nurse made Emily stunned for a second, "Are you new here? I don't need an injection."

'Only my leg's injured. Wouldn't all the medicine needed be applied directly on my leg? Or taken orally? Why do I need injection all of a sudden?' Emily felt quite puzzled.

Not expecting Emily to be so vigilant, a piece of resentment flashed through Poppi's eyes.

She lowered her eyes to cover her emotion and explained gently, "Well, Dr. Tyron said that your wound seemed to be inflamed so you need this injection to eliminate it before it gets worse."

"Inflamed? Why didn't Dr. Tyron tell me this beforehand?" Emily knitted her b

to Emily's vein with much force, which caused her scream out of pain and take back her hand quickly.

This, in turn, made the needle fall onto the ground.

"Emily! What are you doing! Look at what you did!" yelled Poppi.

Seeing Emily throw the needle out of her hand, Poppi was filled with rage as she stared her down.

Suddenly, Emily struck her hand across Poppi's face.


Staring at the nurse with piercing eyes, Emily looked at the nurse with incredulity.

"This is just a warning for you. Are you trying to give me an injection or do you just want to stab my hand? Did I do something wrong to you?"

Showing the nurse her bleeding hand, Emily asked coldly.

'I wouldn't have noticed anything wrong with her if she hadn't hurt me like that. Now, it seems that she just did this on purpose! What's wrong with her?' Emily thought.

Now, the vein at the back of Emily's hand became dark and purple because of the needle, a steady stream of blood coming out of it.

A piece of happiness flashed through Poppi's eyes as she saw the scarlet blood. She turned back to stare at Emily blankly.

"So what? Do you think you can fight against me now as a cripple?"

After saying this, Poppi gave a sly smile and raised up her hand to slap Emily back.

Poppi really wanted to give Emily several slaps for revenge but a powerful hand caught hers tightly in the air.

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