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   Chapter 778 The Unbearable Jealousy

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8273

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Tyron glimpsed at Emily and handed her a box of pills. "I brought you some medicine. It will help you to heal quickly."

"Thank you." Taking the box, she briefly scanned the label, but did not find anything wrong. "Should I start taking it immediately?" she asked then.

Tyron suggested to her that she sit on the bed and he explained gently, "It's up to you of course, but let me check your wounds first."

"Okay." Emily sat down quietly while he gave her a check up. Seeing Tyron's serious face, Emily could not help but think of another man. A man from her past, someone whom she could never forget.


Tyron and Sean looked so much alike. The mere presence of Tyron was a stark reminder of that which was. Some memories could never be erased.

'Is this just coincidence?'

Emily felt such doubt at this weird coincidence, but soon she persuaded herself, 'I also look a lot like Cloris. But in actual fact, I don't have any relationship to her at all, except for sharing a similar face.'

"It healed up very well, so you just need to be more careful..." Tyron looked at Emily and found her to be absent minded. He raised his voice slightly, "Miss Emily?"

"What?" Emily finally came back to her senses, and feeling a bit embarrassed, she apologized, "I'm sorry that I'm so absent minded today. What did you say just now?"

Tyron moved his eyes to the pill box in Emily's hand and asked, "Do you need me to pour you a glass of warm water?"

Emily felt it too impolite to refuse his help so she thanked him graciously, "Yes, thank you for your kindness."

"You have thanked me many times today." Tyron poured a glass of warm water and it seemed so elegant for his slender fingers to hold the transparent glass. "Do not say it again in the future," he added.

"Truly? I hadn't noticed." Emily had not noticed her overly polite behavior and smiled as she accepted the offered glass of water. "Then, I will not say it again in the future. But then don't blame me for being impolite in future, okay?"

"Of course not," Tyron said in a low voice.

Emily had thought to take the medicine later, but the water was already served so she decided to take it right away.

Watching Emily take the medicine, Tyron reminded her to get some more rest and to press the bell to call the nurse if anything was wrong, then he left the room.

Lying back against the fluffy pillows Emily prepared to follow the doctor's orders. Soon, she felt too drowsy to re

ath. "She is an important patient to me. If you continue interrupting us, I swear you will pay the price!" he threatened ominously.

His menacing attitude made her lose her nerve, and she closed her mouth tightly. She could not help feeling aggrieved and she stared vengefully at Emily. She had never seen Tyron like this before.

Emily was still under a state of suggestion from the hypnosis, and paid no mind to Poppi at all. Sounds had lost all meaning to Emily, except for being terrifying, and her face had turned pale while sweat beaded her forehead as her heart raced fearfully.

"It's okay. It's okay. Don't be afraid... This is just a dream..." Tyron said gently as he stroked her slender back and comforted, "Just sleep, okay? Everything will be fine when you wake up."

Slowly, Emily seemed to feel safe again. But it seemed then that she thought of something, "I am Emily, I am Emily, I..." she repeated insistently.

'Wow, you still remember this? How amazing...'

Tyron could not help smiling and had no choice but to agree, "Yeah, right. Of course you are Emily."

Reassured by the man, Emily slowly closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep again.

Tyron put her back in the bed and covered her with the quilt. Then he moved his eyes to look at the stunned woman still sitting on the ground.

Poppi could not even believe her own eyes and what she had seen. Never before had she seen Tyron behaving so gently towards anybody. He never even spoke to her like that! But now Tyron treated another woman like this!

The unbearable jealousy was like thorny vines wrapping around her heart as it tortured her feelings.

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