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   Chapter 774 He Was A Nice Guy

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"Sean is really a good doctor!" Tyron said.

Emily almost cringed when Tyron described Sean as "good". She was about to refute Tyron but she hesitated as she realized that Sean had helped her.

Sean was obsessed with Cloris. He did everything to keep her around, no matter how evil it may seem. He even denied Emily the right of being a human. This gave Emily every reason to abhor Sean. However, Emily couldn't deny the fact that Sean did indeed help her and her daughter, Beryl.

Emily appreciated Sean's help. She hated him but if it wasn't for him, she wouldn't be able to see her lovely daughter again. Her opinion of Sean became complicated.

Tyron wasn't aware of the devious things that Sean had done to Emily. However, he understood from the actions of Mr. and Mrs. Lu that Sean wasn't welcomed by the family. He concluded that Sean had done something in the past that made Emily despise him.

"Do you know him?" Tyron asked with a callous tone. His intention to inquire about Sean and Emily's past was quite clear, but he didn't want to Emily become aware of his interest in the matter. He tried to avoid eye contact with her as they spoke.

"Yes, I do. He's my kid's... uncle." Emily was very reluctant to mouth out her words. She even gritted her teeth as she finished her sentence.

Sean transformed her into Cloris without her consent. He forced her to forget about herself, about Jacob and even about her kid. Sean did save Emily, but he also took away her life. Emily despised Sean from the bottom of her heart and she had decided that she would never forgive him. However, she was startled that Sean was suddenly gone and she wasn't sure anymore if she wanted to hold on to her hatred towards a dead man.

On the other hand, Beryl wasn't aware of what had happened. She had always regarded Sean as a good uncle who treated her like a princess.

"Uncle?" Tyron was stunned by Emily's revelation. He was silent for quite some time, then he burst into soft laughter.

'Of course! Emily and Cloris looks exactly alike! I would have thought they were twins if I didn't know better. Sean would definitely make sure that Emily would stay with him.

It must be such a tragedy for him to end up like that.' Tyron came into the realization of the circumstances between the three. He then continued, "Can you please enlighten me about what sort of man he was? People would often tell me that he was a very distant person."

Tyron was afraid that he might have offended Emily, but he was still curious about Sean and their relationship. 'What are her own opinions about Sean?' Tyron's mind continued to wonder.

"He…" Emily was still confused about her feeling for Sean. She was surprised by Tyron's question. She couldn't immediately provide an answer, so tried to reminisce everything about Sean. "He was a nice guy who treated me like his own sister. He would do anything to help me and protected me. He was also very gentle with Beryl."

Emily's eyes were watery as she spoke. She remem


The hospital rule states the patients needed to be prescribed by doctors before they could get the pill. Tyron was a doctor but he wasn't legally allowed to prescribe any drug for himself. However, the pharmacist was afraid to offend him so he was still given what he wanted.

He received the sleeping pills and said, "I know, thank you, buddy."

He didn't need that many pills anyway. He would only use them once, so the amount that he had was more than enough.

Tyron hid the pills in his pocket and slowly walked back to his office. He was about to turn in a corner when a man in a cowl suddenly bumped into him.

"Damn it, are you blind?" The young man blurted out and took a step back. He then immediately touched his cowl and made sure that it didn't fell off.

Tyron was offended by the impolite words of the young man, but his initial reaction was to check the pills in his pocket. When he made sure that they were still there, he turned to the young man. He then said with a cold voice, "This is a hospital. Please don't run here. You might bump into the patients."

The man in the white coat radiated a cold and serious atmosphere. Ray was still concerned about his cowl, but he replied, "I am very sorry. I'm in a rush to visit a patient. I didn't notice you when we bumped." His voice reflected his regrets for his crude manners before.

"It's okay, just be careful next time. And I don't know if you were suffering from a cold, but I don't think you will want to wear a cowl like that next time. Our security might misjudge you for a suspicious character."

Tyron then glanced at Ray one last time and continued to walk towards his office.

Ray stood still and straightened himself. He couldn't help but curl his upper lip which was hidden by the cowl.

He hated to dress like that too. It made him looked like a widow who was about to have an affair. However, the circumstances required him to stay hidden.

No one could find out that he was there to visit Emily.

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