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   Chapter 773 Who Is Sean

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The door shut with a soft click. "Do a background check on Tyron."

As soon as Jacob had left Emily's ward, the first thing he did was asking Sam to dig out Tyron's background.

Just a while ago when Jacob was in the ward, he had an increasingly weird feeling that bubbled up inside him due to Tyron's strange hostility towards him. What was more, Emily said that his back looked familiar, which only made it more necessary to have a background check on him.

"Tyron? Doctor Tyron Fang?" Sam asked. He was surprised as he followed Jacob from behind. He remembered that Tyron was his boss' wife's attending doctor. Why did Mr. Jacob want a background check on him?

"Well, especially with the background of his life abroad, you'd better investigate thoroughly," Jacob said with a nod. The pair continued walking as Jacob thought more about Sean.

Ever since that time when Sean turned Emily into Cloris and hid her in D Country, Jacob had paid much attention to strengthen his power abroad. It even took him a huge amount of money and manpower to expand his connections, just in case someone like Sean, who was merciless when it came to messing around with Jacob's people, appeared again.

"Yes, Sir," Sam said. After Sam had asked permission to leave, he left without a word to do his assigned task.

Soon enough, Sam had done his assignment and got the files about Tyron. He handed them over to Jacob for his boss' perusal.

"It seems that this time, Tyron was the only child of the Fang Group, who caused a lot of trouble for our company, right?" Jacob asked.

He threw the files full of Tyron's information on the desk. He crossed his arms and held his chin in one hand, then looked meaningfully at Sam while he waited for an answer.

All the files showed that there was nothing suspicious with Tyron, except that he was the son of Fang Group.

Perhaps it was because Fang Group competed against Bai Group recently that Tyron was hostile to Jacob, was it?

At that moment, Sam didn't know what Jacob was thinking so he simply said, "Yes, Mr. Jacob. Tyron didn't seem interested in inheriting the Fang Group's business, so when he came back, he chose to work as a doctor at the hospital where Mrs. Emily stayed."

He briefly remembered the previous news he heard and added, "This made the directors of Fang Group quite furious."

The only child of Fang Group gave up the opportunity to inherit billions of dollars of family property to work as a doctor in a small hospital instead. Jacob had heard of it before, but at that time Emily had their second baby, Bowen. Thus, he wasn't able to pay a lot of attention to business matters.

"Have the people of Fang Group taken any action today?" Whenever it came to matters about Fang Group, Jacob could

ands picked up the box and examined it.

A light flickered in Tyron's eyes, then he smiled and said in a surprised voice, "Really? What a coincidence! I'm glad you like it. One of my friends in D Country sent these chocolates to me. Since he had sent too much, I have to give them away before they go bad. Glad you like it."

"Well, thank you, Doctor Fang. I like it very much."

Since Emily had returned to D Country, she hadn't bought this brand of chocolate for a long time. As Tyron wanted to be generous, she accepted it as he wished.

But when Tyron said that he had a friend in D Country, Emily hesitated a bit when she asked, "Doctor Fang, do you know Sean?"

Did Emily figure out his identity in such a short time? Shock filled Tyron's eyes, then he stood upright and observed the view outside the ward through the large windows.

"I have heard about him, but I don't know him."

At that moment, two boys dressed in hospital patient gowns, one older and the other one younger, played and frolicked on the lawn outside--just as he and Sean did in the old days. Tyron's vision was in a blur, as if he had gone back to that time.

"Well, I'm sorry Doctor Fang. Maybe I've been so bold to ask such a question, cause I had a feeling that you kind of look like him."

It turned out that she really did have a hallucination. When Tyron said that he didn't know Sean, she immediately got rid of those strange thoughts in her head.

"Really? Where do I look like him?" Tyron looked away from the windows then at Emily again, as if he just came back to earth from a distant memory.

Emily was shocked as well, because she had no idea why she had that kind of feeling either. "Sorry… I said it out of the blue."

"No worries. It's okay. I heard that he's an outstanding doctor in the medical field, and I admire him very much."

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