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   Chapter 770 A Difficult Choice

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Emily did not expect that she would become the "target" of the people around her. For the entirety of her stay at the hospital, she had been lying in bed because her feet had been hurting. Since it was difficult for her to move around, Jacob constantly volunteered to do stuff for her, like feeding her meals, and didn't allow her to get out of bed.

It was time for Emily to eat again. Every day, Jacob prepared a different meal for her, and insisted that he would feed her every bite.

He gently blew the food on the spoon to make it cooler, and then directed it towards Emily's mouth. In truth, Emily couldn't stand the way Jacob treated her. It made her feel like a child who had no ability to take care of herself. "Jacob, my hands are working just fine. I can eat on my own. Can you just stop feeding and treat me like a baby?"

Emily said sternly with a pout. She had requested to eat on her own numerous times already, put Jacob just kept on ignoring her.

"Nope! You haven't fully recovered yet!" stated Jacob, refusing her request without hesitation as he sent another spoonful into Emily's mouth. "Honey, be a good girl. Eat it. It's very delicious!" Jacob said patiently.

"Jacob! Did you hear me? I can do it myself. I am not a baby, okay?" Emily retorted. A this point, she thought Jacob fussing too much about her injury and decided to finally put a stop to it.

But as soon as she finished talking, Jacob had already inserted the spoonful of food in her mouth.

"How can you..." Emily babbled as her mouth was stuffed with food. She glared at Jacob, eager to express her protest.

Her cheek was bulging and moving quickly as she chewed, which made her look so cute. Jacob looked at her with a warm smile and comforted her, "Don't speak now. Finish the food first and you can eat by yourself tomorrow. Okay?"

'Did he finally agree with me?' Emily's eyes lightened, and started to chew on the food happily.

"Good! It's a promise. I will remember what you said just now and won't allow you to go back on your words. Otherwise, just wait and see what will become of you," Emily triumphantly.

With that, Jacob sighed. He really couldn't do anything with her insistence.

The next day, Jacob went to the company to deal with something emergent and didn't show up at lunchtime for the first time. But he sent Sam to bring the lunch to Emily.

It was the first time that Jacob didn't stay with Emily ever since she was hospitalized. At first, she was relieved, and even felt happy when Sam told her that Jacob wouldn't come. However, the happiness didn't last long. An aching void struck her suddenly. She found that she had already got used to Jacob's accompany.

Emily lost her appetite for lunch and stared at the food blankly. Just then, a familiar voice rang in her ears.

"Director Emily! I miss you so much!" Joyce greeted to Emily. A bunch of flowers was in her arms.

"Joyce! What a surprise! Glad to see you! I am just thinking about you," exclaimed Emily happily. She asked Joyce to sit beside her with enthusiasm. "What brings you here? Tell me, how is

ther designer without telling you beforehand," she said regretfully.

If Joyce didn't make the decision alone and reported this matter to Emily, the situation would be different and she would not be insulted by Joyce like this.

"It's all right, Joyce. You don't need to put the blame on yourself. I will fix it as soon as possible. Can you tell me Dina's requirements for this design? I will draw up a first draft that will fit her requirements. I am quite bored here. It's good for me to do some work," Emily said with a smile.

Pausing to think, Joyce tried to recall what Dina's specifications were. "Her sole requirement is that the design must bring out her beauty. That's all she needs," replied Joyce.

Beauty was a subject hard to define as everyone has his or her own understanding of beauty. So Dina's request was not easy to satisfy, even though it seemed quite simple.

That obviously proved that Dina didn't want to make things too easy for Emily, and left a enough room for herself to pick flaws when the design was completed.

"Well, I understand. I will think about it," Emily said slowly. She frowned as she raked her mind for possible designs.

"Oh, I almost forgot! Here's another thing! I went to Ray's studio for business communication a few days ago. Ray inquired about your recent condition and asked me to send a message to you," Joyce said.

Why did Ray leave a message for Emily? Emily paused and then asked with surprise, "What message did he leave for me?"

"He wanted to ask you whether you still remembered that you owe him a favor or not," Joyce answered carefully.

That reminded Emily that she did owe Ray a favor. When she asked Ray to persuade Dina to cooperate with her before, Ray proposed a condition in return and she accepted.

Emily nodded and said, "Yes, of course I remember. Does he want me to fulfill the promise now?"

Ray did give Emily a big favor at that time, so Emily couldn't help but keep her word.

"Ray said that you needed to contact him if that favor still counts," replied Joyce.

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