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   Chapter 767 I Don't Understand

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9365

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The vase fell from the cabinet and smashed to pieces at Emily's feet, the sharp edges cutting into her delicate and small feet. Those present reacted in shock, staring dumbly at the bloody shards for a moment, before finally realizing that she needed help. In a hurry they rushed her to the hospital for treatment, while also phoning Jacob to let him know what had happened.

When Jacob rushed into the hospital, Emily's feet had already been treated, and they were wrapped up by the doctor in layers of bandages and gauze. She looked small and helpless where she lay on the bed in the recovery ward, her feet propped up on two pillows. Her face was deathly pale with shock and pain.

"Jacob..." Seeing Jacob come in, Emily called his name with a pathetically small voice and her eyes reddened until they were as piteous as a small rabbit's.

After Jacob had heard the news, he had been greatly worried all the way to hospital. He had rushed into the hospital with a bleak face; however, now that he saw she was safe and in no immediate danger, he felt somewhat relieved, as if a stone had been lifted from his heart. When he noticed the heavy bandages about her feet, his brows twisted in concern though.

"Damn it! Does it hurt?" Walking to Emily's side with long hurried strides, Jacob stretched his hands out to touch her and check on her wounds, but stopped before he touched her, as he thought of something else then.

Lying on the bed, Emily was almost rendered immobile by the dressings and her pain, so she could not go to Jacob. Seeing his worry and concern though, she reached out and grabbed the corner of his jacket with her small hands and comforted him, "Jacob, I'm fine. Don't worry."

The pain of the cuts and loss of blood had turned Emily's face ghastly pale. However, she felt much better now that the bleeding had been stopped, so she didn't want Jacob to worry about her.

"Are you fine? If you were fine, you would not be in such a condition." Jacob sat down heavily on the chair next to her bed, his expression distraught and full of bleak concern.

If Emily was fine, she should be standing in front of him, safe and sound, and she would smile at him with no sign of pain, and she would be filled with vigor.

Emily licked her dry lips to moisten them, and then rolled her eyes at the fruit basket that Joyce had bought for her. Swallowing she requested, "I want to eat an apple."

Jacob had never pared an apple for anyone before, but Emily wanted to eat it, so he picked up an apple and immediately, and rather clumsily, pared it for her.

"Jacob, did you find out who had spread the rumor?" Emily asked hesitantly while staring at Jacob, who tried to move his hands slowly so as to cut the apple into fine slices for her.

Jacob had said that they would find

th forehead.

At the same time, there was a soft cough and a knock from the door leading into the ward.

"Am I bothering the two of you?" a pleasant voice sounded.

Seeing someone coming, Emily pushed Jacob away immediately as if they were caught doing something bad, and her face became flushed.

"Yep," Jacob answered without any hesitation, then he stood up slowly and looked at the person who had just entered.

The man was wearing a white doctor's coat, and a pair of high-quality gold-rimmed glasses perched on his sharp nose, emphasizing his bright, black eyes. His gaze was smart and highly alert, and although he was wearing a gauze mask, his fair skin and dark eyebrows hinted at his handsome looks.

"Doctor Fang..." When Emily saw the doctor, she greeted him with a low voice.

"Hum." Tyron looked softly at Emily, then he nodded at Jacob and reached out one hand while making a self-introduction, "Hi, I am the attending physician for Emily, Tyron Fang. You can call me Tyron."

Jacob's eyes flickered slightly, then he shook the offered hand and replied, "I am Emily's husband. You can call me Jacob."

"So you are President Gu."

The man was not surprised by Jacob's identity, and he was aware of the strength and power that emanated from Jacob's hand. Taking his hand back, the doctor walked to the side of Emily's bed.

"How do you feel now that everything is bandaged up? Is there any discomfort?"

Not having noticed the secret struggle between these two men, Emily looked at Tyron and shook her head. Then she replied, "Doctor Fang, I feel much better now, but I can't move much. Lying on this bed I feel as if I have become a zombie, and it's a little uncomfortable."

Tyron laughed out loud at Emily's humor, then he smiled slightly and said, "It is normal at the beginning for a few days. All you can do is to bear it."

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