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   Chapter 766 Stay Away From Her

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 10466

Updated: 2019-07-28 00:12

Sam was overwhelmed with anxiety as he stared at Jacob who sat calmly on the sofa. He looked at his wristwatch and then hesitantly asked Jacob, "Mr. Jacob, are we seriously going to wait for him here?"

Sam was worried about Jacob's appointments. He was sure that Jacob was scheduled for an important transnational video conference soon. It would be inappropriate for Jacob to stay and wait for Ray.

Jacob raised his head and cast a glance at Sam. He smirked and said, "You think I was just joking, huh?"

"Of course not sir!" Sam felt nervous but he still reminded Jacob, "It's just that you are scheduled for an important meeting soon."

"Oh, just cancel it," Jacob replied with an indifferent tone. He then casually dusted off his trousers. His face was remained callous as if he was only interested in Ray's arrival.


Sam's words were interrupted by a cold voice from outside.

"Brook, I have something to tell you. Come out here!" Ray shouted as he stood outside.

"Oh my God…" Brook's face became pale in panic. He was overwhelmed with dark thoughts about what was about to happen. He turned towards Jacob and became enveloped with fear.

Jacob's face was painted with anger. He stood up with murderous eyes and strode out of the room. He was followed immediately by Sam.

Brook couldn't help but mutter to himself, 'Ray, what kind of a fool are you? You should have come back later. This will be a disaster!' He shook his head and decided to follow them outside.

Jacob's fist was already clenched the moment he saw Ray. He approached Ray with cold eyes and immediately swung his fist towards the young man's delicate face.

"Ah!" The screams from shocked female employees echoed throughout the studio.

Ray was startled by the sudden punch to his face. He was hit so hard that he was forced to take a few steps back as he received the blow. His legs became wobbly from the punch. He tasted iron as blood leaked out from his mouth.

"Jacob?" Ray cried out in a startled voice. He wiped the blood off his mouth and stared at the man who had a face painted with cold anger. Ray was still confused as to what had happened but he was able to calm down and recover from the hit.

Jacob dropped his fist and looked down at Ray. He stared down with cold, scornful eyes at the young man as if to project his authority. He said with a stern, harsh voice, "Yes, it's me."

His eyes were filled with hostility and he didn't even reflect any hint of guilt. He thought that Ray deserved to be punched. Ray then smirked as a devious idea came to his mind. He let out a meaningful laugh as he stared back at Jacob with crafty eyes.

"Mr. Jacob, you seem to be unconcerned about the gossips as instead of suppressing the news, you've come to hit me instead. You must be very confident about your social status!" Ray mocked Jacob with a crooked smile. He straightened himself up and continued to stare back at Jacob with eyes filled with deceit as if to deliberately provoke Jacob even more.

"Ray, I'm only warning you once. Emily is not a woman you can covet!" Jacob warned coldly. He reverted to his c


"She is telling the truth, sir. It might be just a misunderstanding. She is at the company all day long." Emily immediately vouched for Vivian's alibi. Emily hated Vivian but she decided to help her this time for the company's interests.

"Ms. Vivian, you had hired hackers to steal videos from the Sky Entertainment Group Limited. We have enough evidence to name you as the prime suspect. Please obediently follow us to the police station."

'Vivian hired hackers to steal videos from Sky Entertainment Group Limited?' Emily's mind was shocked by the sudden news. A sudden thought flashed across her mind. She stood silently and astonished as she watched how the story would develop.

Vivian was overwhelmed with fear as she realized that her crime was exposed. She looked at the two uniformed officers in front of her, as she felt terrified that they would take her away and ruin her life. She then rushed over to Emily and held Emily's arm.

"Emily, I didn't do that! It might be just a misunderstanding. Please help me! Jacob is a powerful man. He can definitely save me," Vivian pleaded as tears run down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry, Vivian. I can't help you. I'm sure that if you had nothing to do with the allegations, the investigation would prove that you are innocent," Emily replied with a callous tone. She pulled back her arm and took a few paces backward. She stared at Vivian with an indifferent expression.

She now suspected Vivian to be the culprit about the rumors of her love affair.

"No! Please! Emily, help me! If I go to the police station, I'll be ruined! My whole life would be a disaster! Please! Help me! I don't want to go there!" Vivian cried with desperation.

Vivian stretched out her arms as she tried to reach for Emily. She realized that she would be found guilty if an investigation would happen. Her life would definitely be devastated if they found out the truth. She continued to beg for Emily's sympathy.

Emily remained callous towards Vivian. She sidestepped her, but unfortunately, she hit the cabinet and knocked it down.

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