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   Chapter 762 Having Been Signed

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7906

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Upon hearing her name being called by Jacob, Emily, who had been waiting on the side for their conversation to end, twitched her mouth into a smile and walked to them.

Before Emily had even reached them, Jacob did not hesitate to embrace her in his arms. He asked with an unquestionable tyranny, "Are you satisfied with my answer? Mrs. Gu?"

As she could feel the murderous stare from Dina, Emily shrank a little and stayed obediently in the safety of Jacob's arms.

"I am satisfied, Mr. Gu."

Despite their formal address of calling each other Mrs. Gu and Mr. Gu, the intimate relationship between them was laid bare. Jacob meant to show off that they were husband and wife.

Dina was trembling violently all over. Pointing at the two who were still holding each other in a firm embrace, her eyes filled with incredulity. She said, "You are... You two!"

She hadn't expected that Emily was Jacob's wife, and she was even more surprised that Emily, who looked so ordinary, had actually managed to marry Jacob!

It was as if the Lord had played a great big joke on her. Dina stayed where she was for a long time, without coming to her senses. Whereas Jacob had already left her sight with his arm around Emily.

Walking hand in hand under the silver moonlight with Jacob, Emily asked, "Jacob, is it too much for us to do this to Dina?"

Just now Dina had looked as if it was the end of the world, and they would still have to cooperate with her. Emily was afraid that if this was the case, their future cooperation would be affected.

"Is it too much? In my eyes, you are not jealous enough at all." He stopped and turned, and then firmly took Emily's delicate chin between a thumb and forefinger.

Besides Emily, no woman had ever been able to approach Jacob, not even a little. The only reason why Dina had been allowed to approach him just now, and even leave a print on his shirt, was because he had deliberately given her the opportunity.

In doing so, Jacob wanted to see how Emily, who was in the shadows, would respond.

Tonight, Emily was wearing a figure hugging evening gown with a white feather hemline, and half of her shoulders were left bare. When she lifted her jaw, her white neck would draw into a beautiful arc. She resembled a noble swan from a distance.

But his breath lingered over Emily's face, which made her feel sick.

ges to our studio. I think it's good."

"God damn it! Why didn't you ask for my opinion?" Dina was like an angry roaring lioness, and she grabbed the nail clippers beside her and threw it at the broker's face.

Emily and Jacob had played tricks on her like that, and she hadn't even had the chance to make Emily suffer for it. How could she possibly be expected to cooperate with Emily without her authorization?

The broker quickly avoided the nail clippers' attack by dodging the flying weapon. Covering her palpitating heart, she looked at the angry diva like she was a lioness. She said in a carefully neutral voice, "Dina, listen to me, please. I know that I acted without your say-so this time, but there's pressure on me from the company. We must cooperate with SL."

"Besides, isn't Ray cooperating with them too? You can also take this opportunity to communicate more with him." Knowing that Dina was angry and would not listen to reason, the broker had cleverly mentioned Ray.

"You!" Dina pointed at the broker, who was wearing a flattering smile, unable to speak for a long time.

Staring at the contract on the table, she knew that the cooperation had already been decided and she could not change it. So she drew her hand back angrily and sank down heavily on the sofa.

"I don't care. I can cooperate with SL, on the condition that the designer be Emily."

The broker saw that Dina had finally compromised, and she gladly wiped her sweaty palms again. "Sure, the project team of Director Emily is the one which we are associating with this time."

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