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   Chapter 759 I Love You, I Love You

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7989

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'Why would you compare yourself with a little boy like Ray?' Emily couldn't understand Jacob's reason for feeling insecure.

"Of course not! You are much better than him. You're mine," Emily answered.

Disregarding his anger, Emily reached out and wrapped her hands around his neck like a koala bear.

"When I say 'different', I mean that if you help me the people in our company will blame me for relying on you to do everything. But if Ray helps me, it means that I'm being resourceful. If I'm not resourceful, what is the point of me being the director?"

All Emily wanted was to demonstrate that everything she had was achieved through her hard work and diligence and not handed to her on a plate by Jacob.

Emily's composed and well-structured answer registered in Jacob's brain and he realized that she wasn't the young naive girl she once was, and she was a grown-up, who was capable of handling things on her own.

Jacob fell silent.

"Honey, you could not keep me hidden under your wings forever, right?"

Emily gently caressed his chest urging him to understand what she was trying to say.

Emily knew that Jacob loved her and also loved to spoil her. But that was also why she wanted to become a self-sufficient person who deserved to be with someone like him.

"You little twerp. You know what? Sometimes I wish I could..."

Jacob heaved a deep sigh and shifted his body to bury his head in Emily's shoulder.

"Emily, sometimes I wish I could just shrink you so that I could carry you with me wherever I went," he said slowly.

'Or hide you somewhere so that no one could see your beauty or steal you away from me...' he spoke the rest in his mind.

'Wait! Is he trying to restrict my freedom and personal space again?' Emily's brows furrowed with frustration at the thought that Jacob even knew her daily schedule.

"Jacob, are you... having difficulties, like dealing with the closing of the company?" Emily asked hesitantly, but out of concern.

'Lately, Jacob's been worrying a lot about losing me as if I were going to disappear into thin air, but I'm very happy and healthy. There's no reason for him to worry. I wonder what's wrong with him?'

"No, the company runs very well under my charge." Jacob seemed a bit startled by her question, but he shook his head and smiled confidently.

'Emily, I'm quite good at business. Don't you remember

Jacob put her in the bed. She pinched Jacob hard again, her face still red from embarrassment.

"It's all your fault," she complained.

'If he hadn't made out with me in the car, I wouldn't have to feel so embarrassed in front of Beryl.'

Although Emily was blaming Jacob, he could still feel her gentleness and he held her into his arms then left a soft kiss on her forehead.

"Yeah, it's my fault, all my fault," he admitted it quite honestly.

For a good five minutes, they laughed, snickered, giggled, and chuckled their tension away.

She laid in his arms and asked, "Wait, what did Beryl mean by your signature? And did you get Ray's signature back for Beryl?"

Last night, he tore the paper which had Ray's signature on it for Beryl by accident, so he promised he would get another one for Beryl. However, Emily did not know that Jacob left his signature on piece of paper for Beryl in her bag.

"Yes, I've already told Sam to get Ray's signature and bring it back to Beryl." Jacob omitted the first question on purpose, as he closed his eyes, pretending to fall asleep.

Emily decided not to let go of him so easily as she turned to face Jacob persistently, "Then what about your signature?"

"Maybe... one of the maid who likes me stole mine from somewhere and then left it in Beryl's bag by mistake." Jacob was shaking, trying his best not to burst out laughing, Emily opened her eyes wide and could not believe that Jacob would find such a ridiculous excuse.

Jacob lowered his head to cover Emily's lips with his, seeing that she still insisted on the truth.

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