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   Chapter 758 Don't Be Angry

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When Jacob arrived at SL Jewelry, Emily was discussing about the new designs with her group. All of a sudden, her phone rang and broke everyone's concentration at the meeting.

'I don't get off work for another thirty minutes. Why would Jacob call me now?' Emily cut the call and set it to silent mode without thinking too much and continued the meeting with her group members.

Jacob, however, kept calling her number again and again. As her phone screen lit up constantly, distracting her, Emily was afraid that Jacob would barge into the meeting so she sent him a text telling him that she was at a meeting.

Jacob replied to her message with two simple words.

"Come down"

There was no punctuation mark in the sentence as if it showed the urgency of its sender. Emily could not help but smile thinking of this.

"Director Emily, it's your turn." Joyce caught Emily's attention, who was smiling at the phone, to suggest that the man before her was almost at the end of his speech.

"Oh!" Emily stopped smiling and cleared her throat as she stood up, "Let's stop here today and continue the meeting tomorrow. You may get off work earlier today."

Emily quickly glanced at her watch and left the room in a hurry.

"Joyce, do you think Mr. Jacob is here to pick up Director Emily? I noticed that she wasn't paying attention to our report just now." After everyone left the conference room, the girl sitting next to Joyce came to whisper into her ear out of curiosity.

In truth, the girl wanted to say that Emily looked like a young girl, newly in love while she was smiling at her phone. Judging by the expression on Emily's face, it wasn't hard to guess that she was talking to Mr. Jacob. However, the girl was smart enough not to gossip about Emily in her face.

"Well, well, well, aren't you a nosey girl." Joyce winked her eyes at her and continued, "Yeah, you're right. It was Mr. Jacob."

Joyce caught a glimpse of the name on Emily's screen when it lit up earlier.

Meanwhile, fifteen minutes had passed since Jacob made the first phone ca

and said, "You went to ask for Ray's help today, right?"

"Yeah." Emily nodded her head but quickly realized something was wrong as she saw the displeasure in Jacob's eyes.

"Jacob! You're such an immature child!

I am married to you! How could you be jealous of a boy who is even younger than I am!"

Emily glared at him angrily, thinking how absurd it was of him to be angry at her for such a little thing. All this was just because she went and asked Ray for help!

'Wait! How did he know that I met Ray today?' Emily wondered.

"Yeah, right! I'm jealous! I am! You did not let me help you but you turned to another man for help! Are you trying to make me angry on purpose?" Jacob scowled and the anger exploded inside as he reached out suddenly and grasped Emily by the chin, pulling her so that they were face to face, only inches apart.

'I am the CEO of such a large company! I offered to help you but you turned to another man for help! How could I not be angry?

Emily, can't you see that there are many people who wish to covet you?'

"Clap" Emily suddenly, slapped his hand away and raised her face to look him in the eye.

"That's different!"

Jacob was on the verge of fainting out of anger but he also wanted to laugh at himself for being so childish.

"I don't see any difference. Perhaps you think that Ray is better than me! Is that it?"

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