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   Chapter 757 Went to See Him

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Ray got rid of Dina's hand casually and said, "It's great that you can think in this way. Buck is waiting for me to record a song right now, so I'm going to go."

Ray cast a short glimpse at Emily, who stood there, benumbed, and then turned around to leave.

"Wait! Ray!" Dina quickly ran after Ray.

While Emily ran after Dina. "Miss Dina!"

'Ray has helped to break the ice between me and Dina, I have to strike while the iron is hot and get the contract signed with Dina, ' Emily thought in mind.

However, Dina wasn't too happy with Emily standing in her way and blocking her.

Realizing that Ray was getting further beyond her sight, Dina impatiently said, "We can sort things out later. I will talk with you again when I am free."

"But what if you go back on your word later?" asked Emily. Having learnt a bitter lesson last time, Emily would be a fool to let go of Dina so easily this time.

The last time Dina invited her for a meeting over the phone, Emily ended up in a hotel room with a man who was just as surprised as she was to be there. Having grown tired of her excuses and tricks, this time Emily decided to make Dina leave some kind of paper proof.

"How could you think of me like that?" Dina screamed at her.

Assuming that Ray might not have gotten too far, she lowered her voice and said, "Rest assured, Emily. Since, I promised Ray that I would cooperate with you, I will keep my word for sure. So how about this? I will have my agent write you a letter of intent, okay?"

Seeing her agent come out of the office, Dina pointed at her agent, suggesting Emily to go after her and then turned around to chase after Ray.

Emily had no other choice but to take Dina at her word and walk over to her agent.

Fortunately, Dina's agent complied willingly and Emily was so happy to receive the letter of intent that she told Joyce to make several copies just to be safe when she went back to her office.

"Director Emily, did Dina really agree to cooperate with us?" Joyce asked in disbelief.

For news of such magnitude, Joyce needed to make sure that she heard it from Emily's mouth directly, so she followed her inside her office and shut the door behind her.

Emily rubbed her sore shoulder and said, "Yes, but I couldn't get her to sig

he had worked for Jacob for so many years, the man still managed to frighten him from time to time.

"The agent said that Dina agreed to write Mrs. Emily the letter of intent because of Ray."


Jacob's eyebrows furrowed, eyes glittering menacingly upon hearing that name again, "Why?"

'Ray has nothing to do with Emily at all. Why would Dina write Emily a letter of intent because of Ray? Is it because...' Jacob's dark eyes grew sharp all of a sudden.

"I have checked Mrs. Emily's schedule and she went to see Ray this afternoon," Sam added.

Sam kept his eyes to the floor the entire time, sensing Jacob's anger boiling up inside, and he couldn't help feeling sorry for Ray.


'Damn it! Emily went to that man for help?' Jacob was extremely displeased.

Jacob sat there motionlessly, seemingly lost in deep thought, eyes focused on nothing in particular.

"Yes, Dina likes Ray. My guess is that Mrs. Emily found out about it, so she went to ask Ray for help." Sam wiped the sweat off his head with his handkerchief.

Jacob peered into his eyes. Deep within his own pupils a heavy black liquid swirled in a strange whirlpool pattern. "I don't pay you to guess."

Jacob understood that Emily went to Ray because he would be useful to her in this matter. He just felt deeply dissatisfied that Emily would rather go to a stranger instead of him, for help.

Jacob stood up abruptly, grabbed his keys and walked towards the door.

"Take me to Emily's office," Jacob ordered.

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