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   Chapter 756 Why Should I Help You

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It was clearly a surprise when Ray found out that Emily was Jacob's wife and the mother to his two children.

As he recalled, he seemed to have met one of their children, Beryl.

"This is my own business. It's useless to keep mentioning President Gu." Emily's teeth tightened but she put on a smile as she replied.

It wasn't news to her that Ray had mistaken her for a woman that had to rely on a man to succeed, but it didn't matter because she and Jacob were already husband and wife—it was fair enough for her to do so.

"You can't find him…so I'm the more convenient choice, right?" Ray's chuckle was cold—he thought of Emily as nothing more than childish and pitiful.

What kind of person was Jacob? That man was the one who basically had a hold on all the forces of nature in Jingshi City. As a popular star, how could he be more helpful than Jacob? Emily was too stupid.

As he spoke, Ray glanced at Emily's dress for the day, making sure to twist his expression into one of complete dislike, harshly commenting on it as he raised his head and arrogantly brushed his hair back.

"That's ugly."

The business outfit set Emily wore was too mature to match her childish face.

Still, the frank comment left her speechless.

Looking down at her outfit, she didn't think that there was anything really wrong with it.

Remembering that she came to cooperate with Ray, she restrained her anger and put on a smile for the boy. "Thank you for the compliment."

'What a ridiculous woman? She has the nerve to smile even when criticized as ugly!' Staring at Emily's blossoming smile, in contrast to his cold eyes, Ray narrowed his glare at her—his handsome face turned dark.

"Since this is all related to Miss Dina, of course, it would make more sense to go to you instead of Jacob." Because Ray remained unresponsive, Emily continued to explain her intentions.

It was clear that Jacob could help her, but their relationship was rather sensitive. Since she and Vivian competed against each other for a while already, it wasn't necessary to make anyone think that she relied on her husband's power to gain honor—she wanted to win the competition completely on her own ability.

"Oh." Although his expression seemed calm, Ray's voice was ice cold. "Sorry, I can't help you."

If it was for anything else, he would probably consider it. But it was about Din

stopped her greeting.

'Why did he come with Emily? Damn it! That bitch probably kept pestering him.'

"Emily, why are you here?" Dina's delicately made-up face wore a look of disgust.

Though she had been wondering how to cheat her way to getting Emily to come out, much to her surprise, Emily brought herself to Dina in person.

With furrowed brows, Ray frowned and asked, "Dina, do you remember saying that you wanted me to admit something last time? I can give you that reply now."

'Last time…?' she thought. Suddenly, her face turned pale before she looked at Ray with an expression of disbelief. "Ray…so you are…"

Since he brought Emily with him, that must have meant that he was going to admit that he had a crush on her. The more the thought ran through her mind, Dina felt her heart clench so painfully as if it was being crushed by a car—she could barely breathe.

"I'll admit that I don't like her." So that no one could see the darkness in his eyes, Ray turned his head away.

When Dina heard the reserved answer, her eyes, twinkling with tears, suddenly widened in surprise. "Ray, you…"

"So you'd better not give up such a good opportunity for cooperation."

Knowing exactly what he was talking about, she shook her head vigorously. "Of course I won't. I'm fond of all of Emily's design drafts—I will not give up such a valuable cooperation."

Carried away by joy, Dina couldn't point out Ray's obviously real intentions. Regardless, she was more than happy to walk up next to him, looking as a small woman as ever before she took his hand in hers.

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