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   Chapter 755 Promise Me

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 10541

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"Emily, let me help you with this. It's really no trouble," Jacob said without hesitation.

"No, Jacob. I won't have you help," Emily firmly replied.

"You've already helped me a lot and I don't want to trouble you anymore. I always rely on you so this time, I want to do it by myself," she added.

"You silly girl… I am your husband. Of course, you can always rely on me. Don't think too much about it, alright?" Jacob's tone was sincere.

Looking into Emily's eyes, he pulled her in for an embrace. Truly, he felt happiest when he could be close to her.

"Emily?" he murmured. Leaning down, he pressed his forehead against hers.

All he wanted to do was remove all of the obstacles in Emily's way and pave the path for her career. Ray and Dina, in particular, were huge hurdles she had to cross. While he had helped her deal with Ray, he wanted to go and face Dina. No matter who it was, Jacob would never pardon someone who caused Emily trouble.

Feeling his breath on her cheeks made warmth bloom inside her. Suddenly, her breathing hitched as her face flushed—she couldn't help but gently chuckle in embarrassment.

"Jacob, I know you want to help me, and I appreciate it. But your help makes me feel a bit useless sometimes," she whispered. Smiling at him, she secretly reached out her hand for the cake on the desk behind him.

Emily's sunshine-filled smile lit up Jacob's heart. Truly, Emily was the only one who Jacob was willing to open his heart up to. As he cared about her deeply, he would never allow her to be perplexed by such unnecessary problems.

Smiling back at her, he hugged her even tighter. "I don't care. I will spoil you forever, my dear," he sweetly replied.

Suddenly, he felt something soft and sticky on his face, snapping him into confusion.

After a moment, he reached up to feel his face. At that moment, Emily stepped back out of his arms, laughing loudly.

With a shaky finger, she pointed at Jacob with a hand covered in cream.

"You… you really are a cunning woman, aren't you?" he smiled.

Lowering his hand from her face, he looked at the cream on his own hand and chuckled at Emily's little prank.

"How naughty!" he added.

"Aha! I won!" Emily cheered for herself. It was clear she was truly happy about her own trick. "Now, you can see that I'm not a useless person. I'm capable of playing tricks on you easily," she added.

"Of course, you're not useless. The woman I love is absolutely the smartest one in the world. What do you think?" Jacob returned with a sly grin.

Casually shrugging his shoulders, he looked at her affectionately. Inside, he thought to himself that no one but the woman in front of him had the right to test his patience.

Before he met her, he was like an iceberg no one dared to steer near because they felt the cold air around him even from a distance. People didn't dare look at him directly, let alone fooled around with him. But his heart melted and turned totally new when he fell in love with Emily—she meant the world to him.

"Thank you for your exaggerated compliment, my dear Jacob!" she jokingly replied. After licking the cream of he

movie together. On that day, Dina was supposed to fall off a horse before Ray saved her. Since then, they grew familiar with each other—Dina fell in love with Ray, setting him up as a hero in her own eyes.

Because Dina loved Ray so much, she was willing to do anything for him. As long as she could satisfy him, she would do whatever he liked.

Learning this important resource, Emily thought that maybe she could ask Ray for some help. If he could persuade Dina to cooperate with her, then everything else would run more smoothly. It was important for her to decide to talk to Ray directly.

Inside the office of Sky Entertainment Group Limited, Ray was lying in the breakroom.

"What do you want from me?" Ray asked idly, almost like a sigh. Looking anything but professional, Ray was lazily sprawled onto the sofa as he played a game on his phone.

After looking around the room in silence, Emily walked to a chair and sat down, making herself comfortable. "Ray, I need to ask you for a favor," she gently requested.

As she sat down, Ray gave her a disdainful look before turning his eyes back onto the game.

"Sorry, I will not help you," he quickly answered.

There was no hesitation in his refusal—all he currently cared about was the progress of his little game.

"Please don't refuse me so quickly. How do you know you won't change your mind after I tell you what you can get out of this?" Emily offered slowly. Knowing Ray well, she was rather confident that he would quickly change his mind.

The man didn't spare a glance at her until the game was over. Finally, he put the phone down on his desk and raised his head to look at Emily, clad in a formal and sleek business suit.

"Get out and turn left. You'll find the chairman's office there. I think you're in the wrong room now. Or why don't you just go for Jacob?" said Ray coldly.

After learning that Jacob was willing to invest in his film because of Emily, Ray let himself pay attention to the woman—he then learned that all Jacob did was create an opportunity for Emily to seek cooperation with the studio.

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