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   Chapter 754 The Couple Both Played Tricks On Others

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"Don't you want to be tired?" Jacob sweetly parted his lips to accept the strawberry that Emily fed him. The juices ruptured across his perfect teeth, and his lips curved upward into a dreamy smile.

He smiled with a hint of malice, and Emily knew what wicked ideas he was contemplating, so she pouted and refused, "No, I don't."

The small rabbit hadn't fallen into his trap, and a faint sense of disappointment flashed through Jacob's eyes, as he asked again, "Really? You don't want to know?"

Emily was biting down on a spoonful of the strawberry cupcake, and she refused firmly while shaking her head, "No!"

"You bad little girl..."

Jacob's handsome face flaunted a helplessly spoiled smile, like an iceberg melting in bright sunlight.

He stretched a hand out and tucked the lock of hair cascading from Emily's forehead behind her delicate ear. He murmured slyly then, "If you don't want to be so tired, you can do exercise with me every day. Then you will gradually get more experienced at it."

Emily couldn't believe that Jacob had just said these words aloud! He had even emphasized the word "exercise" by stressing each syllable, which made a faint and suspicious flush color Emily's cheeks.

"Jacob, we are in an office!" Emily replied with a low, ambiguous voice. Her teeth were still locked on the spoon, and it sounded like the words were squeezed from between her frosting melted lips.

The door of her office was made of glass, so if she and Jacob did anything inappropriate in this very public space, then the people outside would definitely know it.

Emily was a thin-skinned person, which Jacob knew full well, but he let the malicious smile linger on his face while lounging against the side of her desk.

"Who said that she wanted to buy my time last night? I came here today so as to..."

Before Jacob had finished, someone was knocking at the door of the office, with three loud knocks.

"Director Emily, are you in the office?"

Jacob frowned heavily at being interrupted, and his expression showed his displeasure.

Emily blinked at him several times, then she sighed, "It is Vivian."

If there was nothing important needing Emily's attention, then Vivian would never come to her office. Now she knocked at the door of her office, which could only mean that she had already heard about Jacob coming here to find Emily, right?

"What?" Hearing the name of the strange woman, Jacob instantly lost interest in Vivian, for he cared only about Emily. He asked, "You don't want to meet her?"

"I didn't mean that." Emily thought for a minute with her brows knitting together, then

ng else to tell us? If not, I want to discuss something with Jacob, alone," Emily said, indicating to Vivian that it was time that she should leave.

"Then..." Vivian bit her lower lip, looked at Jacob and said, "Then I'll leave you two alone."

Watching the door close, Jacob turned back to hold Emily's small hands and asked, "Do you need me to fire her?"

Jacob usually dealt with such matters by himself, but he wanted to hear Emily's suggestion, which was rare and touching.

"Don't do that. She is a well-performing employee of the company. It will be a pity if we fire her."

Jacob narrowed his eyes. "But she has shown no respect to you."

He just could not bear this, because he wanted everyone to respect Emily.

"She just thinks I'm incompetent. When I win the competition, despite her doubt, I'm sure that she will look at me differently." Emily didn't care about it at all.

"What competition?" Jacob hadn't known that Emily was competing against others in the company.

"Yeah. It's to see who can sign the contract with Sky Entertainment first."

Jacob recalled that he had seen the materials and samples for Dina on Emily's desk.

He knew all about Dina, because the staff of Sky Entertainment had previously tried to tempt him with this woman so that they could get an investment from him.

"You are in charge of both Ray and Dina's projects?" Jacob asked with brows raised.

"How did you know that?" Emily remembered then that when she had studied the materials at home, Jacob had been with her occasionally. Therefore it was not surprising for him to know this, so she replied, "We have already made a deal with Ray's studio, however, the details of Dina's studio is still pending, so..."

"Let me help you."

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