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   Chapter 752 The Man No One Dare To Offend

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7830

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After Dina gained her fame and popularity, even the board of directors in the company had to take her opinion into consideration before calling the shots.

And today because of Emily she ended up getting slapped in the face by Mr. Wang. It wasn't just a slap to her face, but a slap to her dignity and self-respect.

Dina couldn't accept the fact that Emily, a small jewelry designer, who didn't deserve her respect, much less others, was always being admired and protected by people everywhere she went.

"Hey, do you know anything about the man in Jingshi City that no one dares to offend?" Pushing her assistant off the chair, Dina sat down to look at her flawless face and retouched her make-up.

Dina assumed whoever the man was he would have to be the most powerful man in all of Jingshi City since even Mr. Wang was trembling at the thought of him.

The assistant, who supposedly knew Dina well, assumed that Dina was talking about Ray, and mistakenly lead her on. "Don't you know? It has to be Ray, your handsome brother."

Although, the assistant wasn't entirely sure about it, she figured the only way to save herself from Dina's temper was to praise Ray in front of her. As odd as it would seem, she wasn't the first assistant that tried this method and succeeded.

However, who knew this time would be different. "Get out! Who told you to mention him?"

"If not him, then who else would it be?" The assistant touched her nose, having realized that her joke had backfired on her.

Dina's eyes looked like they were going to burst out of their sockets. "Besides him!"

"Jacob Gu, Miss Dina, I guess he is the man you are talking about?" Just then, the stylist who was helping her shape up, spoke from behind.

Jacob Gu was revered as a God amongst men in Jingshi City.

If there was one person in all of Jingshi City no one ever dared to cross, it would be Jacob Gu.

"Bingo! Then it has to be Jacob Gu! Zoe, try to get me Jacob's schedule."

Dina's eyes lit up with a mischievous glint just as she had come up with a diabolical plan.

When Dina was abroad, she had head rumors that Jacob Gu would get annoyed by any woman who tried to approach him. Putting two and two together, Dina figured out that if she could somehow manage to get Emily to provoke Jacob, the consequences could be devastating.

The id


"Hmm?" When Emily did not answer, a glimmer of pride flashed in Jacob's eyes, and he nibbled and licked her earlobe.

Each time he licked her, it drove an electric shock up her body, which made Emily tremble all over. "Stop it... Don't... Okay, okay..."

Not only her cheeks, Emily's entire face turned red.

Emily's voice was so soft. It seemed to have the magic to make Jacob walk on air.

"Emily, what can I do? I'm hungry.

I'm starving to death."

Emily's cute earlobes looked tender and sweet like the cotton candy Beryl was crazy about. To Jacob, however, it seemed sweeter than cotton candy.

Just that tiny part of her body was so beautiful he couldn't describe it with any earthly words.

They had dinner only two hours ago. There was no reason to be hungry so fast. Emily was puzzled, "Didn't you just have dinner? Shall I make you a bowl of noodles?"

"Don't bother. There are ready-made ones."

In spite of Emily's struggling, Jacob wrapped his arms around her from the back and pulled her to his chest.

Emily clearly understood what Jacob had meant when he said he was hungry.

Catching her off guard, Jacob accidentally bit her too hard.

"It hurts... Jacob, don't bite me..."

Emily's ear was hurting and she imagined it must have gone red by now. She struggled harder and pushed Jacob, hoping that he would let her go.

How could Jacob bite her ear like that? Was he really planning on eating her ears?

"Did that really hurt?" Jacob leaned in closer, "Then let me give you a lick to make the pain go away!"

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