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   Chapter 751 You'd Better Not Cross Her

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8736

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Never in her wildest dreams could Emily imagine what would happen the next day. As a result, when Dina personally called Emily the next day, she stood there dumbfounded in a startled expression.

No one knew where or how Dina had managed to find Emily's personal number, but at this point Emily didn't care about that tiny detail.

A sweet voice came through the receiver, "Hello, may I speak to Designer Emily?"

Emily replied, "Yes, Emily speaking. Is this, Miss Dina?"

"Hello! First of all, I want to apologize for what I did to you yesterday. I have been so reckless and emotionally unbalanced these past few days. I don't know what I was thinking. Secondly, I went through your work last night and I think that your design is quite interesting. I would appreciate it if you could make some time to meet with me today to talk about your ideas in detail."

Even as Dina's words passed through the receiver and registered in her brain, Emily couldn't believe it was real.

The fact that Dina called her personally to talk about the cooperation was too good to be true. It was Dina's assistant responsible for keeping in touch with them for previous two times. However, Dina contacted Emily by herself today which made her feel excited. Emily clenched her fingers to her palms to restrain her excitement and calmly answered, "Sure."

Having heard the response she was waiting to hear from Emily, Dina looked at her perfectly manicured fingernails and smiled complacently, as if she had succeeded in accomplishing what she had set out to do.

"Well, I will be off-site for a shooting today, so if you could come to the Emgrand Hotel in about thirty minutes that would be very convenient. I'll be waiting for you in Room 1001."

Emily would prefer a more formal setting, like an office meeting room to talk about the cooperation, but seeing as how this was a golden opportunity for her to seal the deal with Dina, Emily agreed to see her there without further delay.

Before long, Emily brought all her materials with her and arrived at the magnificent Emgrand Hotel.

"Are you Miss Emily? Miss Dina asked me to give you the key-card to her room, since she hasn't come back yet. You can wait for her in the room. She asked me to tell you that she will be back soon."

As soon as Emily entered the hotel lobby, she was about to make a phone call to Dina to inform that she had arrived, but then a man dressed as the concierge walked towards her and gave Dina's key-card to her.

Unsuspectingly assuming that Dina must have been somewhere nearby for a shoot, Emily figured it wouldn't take her muc

ly turned at the door, she saw Dina looking at her and the middle-aged man with her beautiful eyes, widened with surprise.

"Miss Dina..."

"Dina! How you dare to play a trick on me!"

Before Emily could even finish, the man beside her, who was far more angrier than her, stepped past her and delivered a strong, tight slap across Dina's face.


"Dina, do you know who she is? You'd better not cross her!" Mr. Wang said in a cold voice, pointing his finger at Emily!

Mr. Wang was clearly so afraid of Jacob's wrath that he couldn't control his emotions anymore, snarling coldly, as his chest bobbed up and down continuously.

"Don't think that your popularity will save you from everything! You would have never accomplished anything without our company's support!"

Dina, utterly confused, broke down in tears, clutching at her face.

"What do you mean, Mr. Wang?"

"Don't you understand what I'm saying?" Emily sneered and snickered at Dina's audacity to entrap her superior. What a bold move!

Since, there was already a man dealing with Dina, Emily didn't see the need to get involved anymore. Emily decided it would do her no good to spend another minute there, so she left without saying anything.

"You'd better stay here and think about what you have done! I am going to send her out."

Mr. Wang warned Dina and then ran after Emily at once.

Dina covered her sore cheek with her hand, watching them walk away, and gradually her eyes filled with hatred.

A hideous expression came over Dina's face, thinking of how Emily always luckily escaped her traps. At first it was Ray who protected her and today it was Mr. Wang who stood up for her.

"Damn you, Emily! You won't be so lucky every time!"

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