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   Chapter 748 Dina Li

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"I didn't." Jacob answered, playing the role of innocence aggrieved, refusing to admit to his "crime".

He held his chin up arrogantly for added effect, but Emily could tell with absolute certainty that he was lying.

"I just saw you throw that into the trash bin, honey." Emily chuckled, shaking her head in disbelief as she unfolded the paper back to its former shape.

"Maybe my charming good-looks dazzled you and now you're starting to see things that aren't actually there," Jacob still argued.

Having noticed Emily's alerted stance, Jacob looked down to catch her off guard and sprang up to take the paper away from her when she wasn't looking.

'It is just a silly signature. I don't see why my wife insists on protecting it so carefully?' Jacob was bothered by the fact that Emily was making such a big deal out of it.

Luckily, Emily managed to evade Jacob's sudden attempt to pilfer the paper in time, but her quick movement came at a cost, as the paper got torn into two pieces.

"No!" Emily cried out subconsciously, looking at the torn piece of paper in her hand with a broken heart.

"What are you doing, Jacob? Look at what you've done!!"

Eyes furrowed in deep crease, Emily took the other half from Jacob, discontented and upset.

'If Beryl finds out that her treasured memorabilia was torn into pieces, she will be so sad.'

Emily could picture poor Beryl crying in front of her and her sunken eyes glazed over as she crumpled on Beryl's bed.

Jacob stood there in silence. Penitent, regretful and contrite at the sight of Emily despairing over a piece of paper.

But as soon as he remembered the signature, Jacob's anger razed all his regret and took over his emotions.

"It is just an autograph. How many of it do you want? I can sign one million pieces of paper for you." Jacob raised his eyebrows, his unpractised conceit filtering into his expression.

'Who is Ray? Ray is a nobody compared to me. What's so great about his signature anyway? It's not like his signature is worth more than mine.' Jacob's judgment was clouded by his inflated ego.

"Who wants your signature!" Frustrated and downright infuriated, Emily opened her eyes wide, "It was hard for Beryl to get past her shyness to ask for his autograph. Now it's gone. What are we going to tell her?"

In spite of Ray trying to avoid his fans, Beryl swallowed her pride just so she could get his signatur

stood with her head down behind her.

"What are you looking at? Haven't you ever seen a star before?" The woman's voice was flat and expressionless, edged with steel and contempt for enemy.

Sensing Emily's curious gaze, the woman looked up and glared at her, uncovering her exotic pretty face.

'It's Dina.' Emily recognized her at the first glance.

'What a coincidence! At least I won't have to bother going up to her studio.' Just as Emily got up to introduce herself, with the intention of breaking the ice between them, she heard someone call her name.

"Ms. Emily, why are you here?"

It was Brook, Ray's manager. Dina also happened to noticed him.

"Brook, do you know her?" Puzzled, Dina was curious of their relation.

"Of course. Our studio just signed a contract with Ms. Emily's company." Brook nodded at Dina.

"Ms. Emily, are you here for another cooperation?" Brook took a wild guess, now all he needed was to confirm his hunch.

"You have a brilliant eye. I am indeed here for a cooperation." Emily smiled, with a determined look on her face.

"With the utmost courtesy, Emily reached out her hand to Dina, "Hello, Ms. Dina. This is the first time we've officially met. I am Emily, the Director of Design in SL Jewelry. I am here for our 10 a.m appointment to talk about the cooperation."

Dina stood there thinking, focusing on Emily's hand.

She remembered that name, Emily. Her assistant had mentioned it to her several times.

'So what? She is just another woman who wants to make money out of me.' Dina sneered, with an arrogant, condescending look on her face.

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