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   Chapter 746 I Am In Love

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Without a doubt, the girl who had snuck into Emily's office ended up being fired. As a result of this punitive measure being taken, the company experienced some peace and calm over the following days. All of the employees felt relieved that the culprit had been dealt with.

With the signing of the contract with Ray's studio, Emily was able to finish up one of her two difficult projects, which gave her a head-start on Director Vivian and she was finally unburdened of some stress, and could enjoy the breathing space.

But as for Dina's studio, they always broke off their appointments with Emily, which really pissed her off. It was unprofessional on their part and caused her much concern.

"Director Emily, did you hear me?" Joyce couldn't help but interrupt Emily, seeing that Emily seemed distracted and was staring off into space during their impromptu meeting. Waving her hand in front of Emily she tried to bring her back to reality and their present concerns.

"I heard you. You still need to follow up on the matter of Dina's studio. As soon as you get the chance, secure a date for an appointment. We can't afford to wait any longer."

Another seasonal summing-up meeting was fast approaching, and they couldn't afford to delay the project any further.

Closing the file, Emily took her bag and said to her assistant, "Joyce, I won't return to the company this afternoon. But if you run into any problems, call me right away."

That afternoon Emily needed to attend the parent's meeting at Beryl's school. It was the very first time for her to do so after Beryl went to primary school, and there was no way she could afford to miss it.

Asking the driver to drop her off at the school gate, Emily walked into the school just like any other normal parent.

The moment she walked in through the gate, a pink ball rushed into her arms for a cuddle. The bundle of excitement was none other than Beryl, who was elated at seeing her mother.

"Mom!" She was surprised and delighted by her mother's presence.

Emily caught Beryl and spun her around. "Beryl, you are so pretty today. Let mommy have a closer look at you."

Beryl was wearing the school's pink uniform today. She was dressed in a small pink vest with a white shirt underneath, and a small skirt of pink and white plaid. She looked most adorable in this outfit.

"Mommy, where's Daddy? He didn't send you here alone, did he?" Beryl was a bit disappointed at Jacob's absence. Hugging her mother, Beryl looked behind Emily, trying to find out whether her father had also come to school.

'Daddy is always following behind Mommy. Wherever Mommy is, there Daddy should be too, ' she reasoned.

"Do you miss Daddy, Beryl? Daddy has a really important meeting to attend today, so he could only find time to pick us up later," Emily of

mary school."

A strange emotion was hidden in his words, which was hard for Emily to place. She had to thank him then to cover up for her own embarrassment, "Thank you. I just look young."

Thanks to Sean's medicine, Emily now looked like a teenage girl around 16 or 17 years old. She would have looked like her proper age, if not for Sean who had given her the medicine.

"Wonderful! Mommy, look! I got it!"

When Ray had finished signing his name, Beryl ran to Emily almost bouncing like an excited rabbit to show off the signature.

Emily smiled with a pure motherly light as she saw her daughter's joy.

Touching her cheek and flushing with contentment, Emily seemed almost to be surrounded by a halo of serene light. Ray gaped at the scene, lost in a trance.

At that moment, he found Emily much more beautiful and alluring than any of the starlets who frequented his company...

"Ray, we have already taken care of all the registration formalities. What are you doing here at the primary school department? I have looked for you everywhere."

When Brook finally found Ray, he was surprised that Ray was in Emily's company. He greeted her, pushing up his glasses, "Mrs. Gu, are you here to register your child? What a coincidence?"

It turned out that Ray was registered with the high school department next door. Emily shook her head at Brook. "I came here to attend a parents' meeting with my daughter, and I happened to meet him here."

Beryl attended a private school, which was well equipped from kindergarten right through to an illustrious high school department. Considering this relation, Ray was then Beryl's upperclassman in fact.

"Oh, I see. Miss Gu is so adorable." Brook rubbed Beryl's little head in admiration.

"By the way, Ray. Dina will be back home today. Did you heard about it? You will have to attend her welcome home party."

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