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   Chapter 745 Crisis Resolved

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"Since so many people have come in and out of Director Bai's office, who knows if it was someone who deliberately put it there to set her up!"

Having spent some time and getting to know Emily better, the project team members knew that she was only cold on the outside, but on the inside she was actually kind and generous. That was why they decided to stand up in defense for her.

"That's right. Someone must have sneaked in and put it there." Joyce, clenching her fist, with no trace of fear to have a confrontation with Vivian, if it came to that, added, "That's actually makes a lot more sense. I don't believe it was Director Bai's intention."

Vivian threw Emily's design draft back on her table in a condescending manner and picked up the one she had lost and rolled it up.

Even if it was not Emily's intention, it must have been someone's. He or she must have hated that Emily gained such high status in the company in such a short amount of time. "Director Bai has a set of keys right? Even if someone wanted to come inside, they would have needed the keys first, right?"

Emily was stunned to see her design draft scattered across the desk, with some lying on the floor like garbage. Her mind was all over the place, scrambling to understand what everyone was arguing about.

She gasped when she saw Vivian throw her design draft casually on the desk, and her heart was afflicted with an importunate throb of pain.

"Joyce, go and check the surveillance footage,"

Emily said coldly, as she walked over to the desk and collected her design draft up page by page.

"Right! The surveillance footage! We need to go and check right now! Let's find out who was behind this!"

Emily's order was like a new discovery for Joyce, whose eyes suddenly lit up, thinking that with the surveillance footage, they would be able to find the real perpetrator.

"Are you plain dumb or what, Joyce? Why bother defending her when things have become so clear? Or are you trying hard to please and flatter her because she is the president's wife?

Are you so gullible to believe that we didn't think of that yet? We tried to check the footage from that day but the surveillance cameras in Director Bai's office was broken and couldn't be checked."

If there was no footage, there would be no evidence to prove that Emily Bai didn't steal the design draft.

"Who said it couldn't be checked?"

Just when they were on the verge of giving up, Jacob Gu

ed, lowering her head as she spoke.

"It wasn't broken. Someone had deleted the surveillance records, but it's useless to only delete the ones in the company, because there are also records in the headquarters," he said.

When he followed her into the company, the first thing he did was to call Sam to get him the surveillance footage.

"Thank you." If it weren't for her knight in shining armour, there would have been nothing she could have done to clear her name today.

Jacob stopped suddenly, turned around to look at her, and said, "What will you do to thank me?"

This suddenly caught her off guard, and she walked directly into his arms. Tilting her timid face upwards, she saw him staring at her, with a bright smile on his face.

His smile lifted her out of the bad mood caused by this incident. In fact, it could lift her out of most bad situations in her life. An idea flashed across her mind, as she stood on her tiptoes and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Well, thank you."

Thinking of something, she quickly gave him another kiss, and said, "This was for helping me with the contract earlier"

Just as her lips left his cheek, Jacob pulled her face with both his hands, and said, "It's not enough."

How could he be satisfied by two quick kisses on the cheek?

Without a word, he brought his lips to hers. Although everyone was looking at them, he didn't care, as he was completely immersed in their passionate kiss.

Emily struggled at first, but soon allowed herself to sink into the moment.

Everyone knew that they were married, so why couldn't they express their affection for each other?

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