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   Chapter 742 The Citizen-Favored Boy, Ray

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Emily bit the edge of the glass, drinking all the milk as requested.

"Ray is a quite popular male star. Our company is going to cooperate with his studio." While speaking, she licked milk from the corner of her mouth.

Before Emily had checked the information on-line, she hadn't realized that she could have become so outdated. It was beyond her understanding how a male star, who was barely out of his teens and just eighteen years old, could have a fan-base more than a billion strong.

Emily used her pink tongue to lick her lips, which coincidentally caught Jacob's eye.

His eyes darkened, then he bent to kiss her mouth so as to make a clean sweep of the rest of the milk while stretching out a hand to turn off her computer.

"Ah, I haven't finished reading yet! Why did you turn off my computer?" Emily asked angrily as she watched the computer screen suddenly blacken.

"I don't want you to look at him,"

Jacob said in a husky tone, then he held her head firmly and kissed her forcefully, enjoying the lingering taste of milk from her mouth.

All of sudden, Emily was pushed down in the chair by Jacob...

The next day, when Emily arrived at the office, she regretted that she didn't finish reading the data last night, and she entered the office still yawning.

As soon as Joyce saw her, she followed her into the office and reported, "Director Emily, there's some bad news."

Emily asked, "What is it?"

"We have been stood up by Dina's studio. They said that her schedule has changed unexpectedly and she will not be able to come back today."

Joyce had called Dina's studio as soon as she came in to the office in the morning, but unexpectedly, they had changed their minds, even though they had promised before.

Emily's eyebrows furrowed in annoyance and she asked, "Where is the studio's agent?"

They were going to sign the contract! If the star couldn't make it, then surely the agent could do it, right? There would be no valid reason for them to break an appointment.

"They said that Dina wanted to be personally responsible for the jewelry agreement herself." Joyce related every word she could recall from the phone call to Emily. In business there were so many nuances, and a missed word could have massive implications.

Emily nodded then asked, "Fine, I've got it. What about the other studio?"

It sounded reasonable that as a woman, Dina had her own requirements for jewelry. Since Ray was a boy who had just become an adult, it might be impossible for him to make such decisions by himself, right?

Joyce checked Emily's schedule for a moment, then she replied, "We have a scheduled app

ected clearly that she was lying on a man's chest.

No, that should rather be a teenager...


Emily didn't have time to finish figuring out what happened, when she heard the woman scream loudly and was roughly yanked up by her in a flash.

"I knew that you were a brainless fan! How could you push Ray down as soon as you saw him? How did your parents educate you? Don't you know to be ashamed?"

A swarm of reproaches assaulted Emily viciously, but she just ignored it. She tried to stand straight by balancing on one foot, then she reached out her hand to the teenager whose photo she had seen so often on the Internet of late.

"Hello, Ray. My name is Emily. I'm your new jewelry designer."

"New jewelry designer?" The young boy had a delicate-looking face and he only took a faint look at Emily's hand, but kept his hands in his trouser pockets instead and asked, "Why haven't I heard Brook mention you?"

Emily wasn't angry at that, but calmly took back her offered hand and with a smile took off her high heels, then she replied, "I have made an appointment to talk with him today about a possible cooperation."

The eighteen-year-old teenager had a fragile looking beauty like an angel doll, and he towered over Emily.

After Emily took off her high heels, she only reached up to the boy's chest, which made her seem even more petite all of a sudden. In her diminutive stature, it was hard to see her as a design director.

If Emily hadn't been wearing business apparel, people would have mistaken them for high school students when looking at them from afar.

"Oh," the teenager replied while blinking his long eyelashes, then he raked his hand through his short blond hair and walked out of the lift.

He said, "Follow me."

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