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   Chapter 741 Then Let's Have A Competition

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The news quickly spread all over SL Jewelry that the wife of the CEO had joined the company as a director.

Emily noticed that most of the staff members looked at her in a different way and some even tried their best to be rid of her when they met her in the company.

"Director Emily, Party A has sent back their feedback on the position paper. I have printed and put a copy of it on your table. Next..."

Joyce was giving her report on the company schedule as usual, when Emily noticed a girl pretending to go back to work when all she really wanted was to get a glass of water. Her eyebrows furrowed in deep crease, as she gingerly tapped the bridge of her nose.

"Okay, got it. Pack up the designs and send them to my e-mail later."

Passing the document to Joyce, Emily went directly into her office as if she saw nothing out of the ordinary.

In truth, Emily had told Jacob earlier that she did not want to join the company carrying the title as the wife of CEO. However, Jacob did not listen her words at all! As if that weren't bad enough, he ordered Sam to inform everyone who worked in the company that Emily was Jacob's wife.

Perhaps Jacob's actions were motivated by good intentions, even if the consequences were undesirable for Emily. It seemed as though Jacob wanted to protect Emily from being taken advantage of in the company so his actions served as a warning to anyone who dared to displease her.

However, it did not bother Emily very much as she was solely concerned about her actual work rather than anything else.

When she was in her office, Emily found herself completely immersed in coming up with jewelry designs, disregarding anything else that did not concern her work.

Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door.

"Come in please," said Emily.

"Director Emily, Manager Dave would like to have a word with you in his office," said Joyce.

"Okay, please tell him I'll be right over." Putting down her pencil, Emily kept the unfinished draft in her drawer and walked out with her notebook under her arm.

As soon as Emily left, someone sneaked into her office...

When Emily stepped into Dave's office she found that Vivian was also there.

At the very first sight, Emily clearly saw the competitiveness and vigilance in her eyes. And almost instantly, Emily knew that Vivian saw her as a competitor, not a colleague.

"Here you are, Emily. Come and have a seat please." Dave Wu greeted her cordially with a welcoming smile.

"Is there something I can help you with, Manager Dave?"

"Yes, I need to announce something in front of you and Director Vivian."

Dave coughed gently to clear his throat and cast a short gl

ones to negotiate with. And now, they were in business with Emily.

Meanwhile, apparently Vivian had already managed to bag a semi-agreement with the other three small studios before the draw even took place, giving her the real advantage over Emily.

Emily couldn't tell whether there was something wrong with the draw but she did not miss the complacence in Vivian's eyes. Moreover, at this point the die was already cast. Emily had no choice but to honorably continue with the challenge despite the difficult hand she had been dealing with.

"Come what may, I am not afraid. Joyce. Cancel most of my appointments for tomorrow and call the superintendents of these two studios to make an appointment with them for me." Emily's resolve was unwavering.

"Got it, Director Emily."

Emily's confidence at the face of adversity gave the rest of her group members strength and inspiration as they all went back to work without complaints.

Since Emily did not have a lot of prior connections with entertainers before, after she got back home and spent some time with Bowen and Beryl, she went straight to her study and began to conduct a thorough research on Dina and Ray over the Internet.


Jacob's voice came from above her head as he put a glass of warm milk on her desk.

Taken by surprise, Emily shook and accidentally knocked her head on Jacob's chin. She turned around quickly and said, "Are you okay? I am so sorry, honey."

"I'm okay. Don't worry." Jacob gave her a back rub, while squinting his eyes to read the words on the screen.

"When did you come in? I did not hear you at all," Emily muttered, while maintaining steady eye contact on the screen.

Jacob knitted his eyebrows as he took the glass of milk to her mouth and asked, "Who is Ray?"

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