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   Chapter 740 The Unexpected New Design Director

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After the wedding, Emily enjoyed a long break at home for a few months, settling into married life. She missed the busy and fulfilling days at the office though, and longed to return to work.

As Emily wouldn't return to Lu Jewelry, she followed Jacob's advice and decided to move to SL Jewelry group, which belonged to the Bai Company.

"Did you hear the big news? Head office will be sending a new design director to us. And I heard that the new director is a woman," a staff member whispered to her partner.

The news soon spread throughout the SL Jewelry building. Staff gossiped with each other, discussing the internal memo released last night by the company. The document concerned the new design director.

"I heard that the new design director is a real big shot. Our group president made an emergency call to his secretary last night and ordered him to publish the notice immediately," a man gossiped. His juicy news attracted another three people to join in the conversation.

"Alas! The new design director must be someone important or well connected. Our company must be paying a great deal of money to hire her. I am so curious about her!" another man said excitedly.

"Maybe. But who knows? I guess she is the big gun being brought in to win the contract with Sky Entertainment Group Limited," a man who seemed to be in the know, answered them.

Sky Entertainment Group Limited was the largest entertainment group in Jingshi City. It owned many famous independent studios and contracted with a host of famous actors. As these studios were closely related to commercial performances, film festivals, and banquets, numerous jewelry companies flocked to seek cooperation opportunities with Sky Entertainment Group Limited. Of course, SL Jewelry was one of them.

SL Jewelry had heard that one of Sky Entertainment Group Limited's studios had recently terminated its cooperation with its former jewelry company, so SL Jewelry wanted to seize this opportunity and promote its own cooperation agenda and win some jewelry programs.

"But we all know that director Huang is responsible for that initiative now. If she knows that someone is coming to take her place, she will go completely crazy. How can she bear that?" a girl asked with concern.

"Morning!" a woman said and coughed by way of interruption. The loud voice cut to their ears and interrupted their injudicious gossip.

All of them turned around and looked in the direction of the voice, and then widened their eyes in shock.

The speaker was standing right in front of them now. Her short, sassy hair and the well tailored suit which she wore made her look capable and professional. But her cold face and sharp eyes indicated her tough nature, and hinted that she was not easy to get along with.

"Di...director Huang, good morning!" they nervously chorused. They stiffly smiled at her and their voices trembled slightly with anxiety and fear.

Vivian Huang raised her wrist to check her watch and pointed at the watch screen with her other hand's index finger. "You have been chatting for exactly five minutes! These five minutes are long enough for me to make a cup of coffee, and review a design draft. It seems that all of you have too much free time now. But hear this! Time is precious to me, and I don't allow my staff to talk nonsense during work hours! That is a waste of my time. Understand?" Vivian raised her voice and looked at them angrily.

Vivian was a well-known wo

can call me manager Wu. If you have any questions, you can contact me anytime. I would be glad to offer assistance," manager Wu said humbly.

Although SL Jewelry belonged to the Jacob, Emily didn't want to expose her real identity. She smiled at manager Wu and replied politely, "Manager Wu, good morning. I am Emily. It's nice to meet you. And you can just call me Emily."

Vivian was surprised that manager Wu behaved so humbly in front of this woman. She came over to manager Wu and asked, "Manager Wu, is she a new employee?"

"Vivian, you come at the right time. Let me introduce you. This is Mrs... Oh, this is Emily Bai, the new design director!" he replied. He gave Emily a big smile as he introduced her.

Emily Bai? The name was so familiar to Vivian.

She searched her memories and finally she remembered. Emily was the woman who the chairman had married recently. Every one in this company had thought that the woman called Emily must be the happiest and luckiest woman in the world. Was this her?

And now she was the new design director of this company. Was this really her?

Vivian looked at Emily stiffly and wondered whether this woman had heard the earlier conversation.

Had Emily heard that conversation clearly?

Of courses she must have heard it inside the elevator, as the space inside was limited.

It seemed that this woman was truly Emily, the wife of the chairman. But so what? As her colleague had said in the elevator, maybe she was just a beautiful but useless vase.

"Director Huang, nice to meet you!" Emily smiled at Vivian and stretched out her hand by way of greeting.

Vivian was surprised by Emily's kind reaction. She had thought that Emily must hate her very much because she had spoken ill of her earlier, without knowing who she was. Vivian never would have expected that she would be treated so kindly by Emily. Vivian could feel the quiet kindness and calm radiating from Emily's eyes.

Had she underestimate the new design director? She was uncertain about that. But she quickly replied to Emily's smile with one of her own and said, "Director Bai, nice to meet you too."

They looked each other in the eye, as if nothing had happened just now in the elevator. But both of them knew well that they would never be friends.

The bait hid the hook.

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