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   Chapter 736 You've Done A Great Job

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The delivery room was quiet. Emily wasn't afraid, but she was a bit nervous because the baby in her womb seemed bigger than the usual babies. The doctor advised for her to have a natural birth because of her poor physical condition.

After a while, her womb felt the pains of contractions. Her face paled as she bit her lip to bear the pain quietly, but later on she couldn't suppress her moans.

The pain was so intense that it reached the extremes of her tolerance.

Although Emily was in great pain, she bit her lip even harder so that Jacob and Beryl, who waited outside wouldn't worry too much about her. They loved her so much that they would empathize with her suffering too if they knew about her situation.

But as time passed, no matter how hard she tried to stay focused, she failed to keep a clear head. She drifted in and out of consciousness. The voices of the doctors and nurses seemed to drown into a blurry pool in her head, and she couldn't hear them because her ears were in a buzz.

"Inhale, exhale..." a clear voice finally entered her ears.

She consciously followed the instruction to steady her breath. However, the pain in her lower abdomen grew stronger as if it was going to tear her whole body in half.

The pain was too much that Emily almost fainted, but every time she was about to lose her consciousness, the agonizing sensation immediately pulled her back awake.

After a long while of torment, a baby's loud cry was finally heard in the delivery room. A new life came to this world.

Emily felt that her womb was free and a warm object slipped out of her vagina. All the pain vanished at once, and she felt herself back to life.

Meanwhile, Jacob couldn't hold back at the moment he heard the cry, so he pushed the door open right then and there. The doctor was about to congratulate him, but the man who had just become the father of two children didn't even glance at his newborn child.

He was so worried about Emily that he ran straight to his beloved and tightly gripped her cold hand, in an attempt to warm it up. "Emily... Emily, are you okay? Do you still feel pain?"

When he stood outside a while ago, he felt incredibly miserable since he couldn't do anything about her pain. It was really how he felt--but he'd rather hear her cries of pain than hear nothing, because silence brought him numerous negative emotions and uncertainty, which made him more anxious.

Emily's lips tried to curve up into a faint smile and said, "I'm all right. I want to see my child..."

The doctor heard her request and brought the baby to her. The baby was so small with reddish skin, and its body still stained with blood. "This is our child..." she smiled an

e pale-faced Emily who laid on the bed. Her nose twitched but she held her tears back in time. "Emily, you must have suffered a lot!" she said softly.

As a woman and a mother, Rita clearly knew that having a baby was a dangerous thing. The mother would suffer the greatest pain in the world. If it was not for deep love for her husband and child, no woman was willing to have a baby.

Before Emily could say something, David, who stood beside Rita, complained to Rita, "If you are a man, I will think that you are the child's real father." In his eyes, Rita was overly concerned for Emily and it made him jealous.

"I treat Emily's child as my child. And I'm going to be his god-mother. Any objection?" Rita responded with a glare.

Of course, she wasn't asking for his opinion but rather, informed him of her decision. David certainly didn't want to annoy his wife, so he immediately answered, "No, I have no objection. But since you take this little boy as your god-son, why not make Beryl as our god-daughter too?"

Before Beryl could respond to David, Dylan blurted out, "No! You can't do this."

He winked at his father as he spoke.

David understood his son's words at once. He opened his mouth and was about to take his words back, but Rita cut in.

"Why can't I do that? I am your mother and you are my son. You have no right to be involved in my affairs. I know you have a good relationship with Beryl, so why do you oppose my decision to make Beryl my god-daughter?"

"Because, because... I..." Dylan was hesitant to speak, because he was reluctant to say his real intention. He raised his head and stole a glance at Beryl.

Beryl was also quite confused at Dylan's opposition. She didn't understand why he refused to be her elder brother. Was it because he didn't like her?

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