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   Chapter 735 Learn To Remain Calm

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9094

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On the first day that Ancho was released from the police station, she went to the school and blocked Beryl from leaving.

"Beryl! Don't you owe me an explanation?" Ancho glared at the girl in front of her, and no longer showed any sign of tenderness or concern as she had before. She had now dropped all pretenses.

Beryl stepped back subconsciously, but then Dylan hurried over to protect her. Pushing her behind him, he rebuked Ancho loudly, "What do you want? This is the school gate! Behave yourself!"

"I am talking with Beryl. This is none of your business!" Ancho came closer, and her expression was intense and gloomy. Then she shouted, "Beryl, come with me right now! You need to do some explaining."

Beryl took a deep breath and demanded, "Ancho, isn't that a question I should ask you? But I haven't asked you to explain."

Ancho was confused, "What do you mean? What should I explain?"

"Why did you arrange for someone to kidnap me?"

A wave of panic flashed through Ancho's eyes, and she was utterly surprised. "You already know about it? Beryl, please let me explain. It's not what you think. In fact, I did it all for you. If I didn't do this, you would never have had a chance to find out how much your dad really cared about you, right?"

Beryl laughed derisively and asked in a bitter tone, "And what about all of the other accusations? I heard that you were a suspect in a child abuse and trafficking case. Is this true? And the child who suffered at your hands looked a lot like me, am I right?"

"I was framed by them!" Outraged Ancho asked in a distressed tone, while her face contorted with raw emotion, "Beryl, don't you trust me anymore?"

"I really want to trust you! But look at you! What have you done? You should ask yourself what you've done to earn my trust. What have you done to deserve my trust?" When Beryl finished, she couldn't even look at Ancho any further, so she turned and walked away with Dylan.

Beryl's dismissive behavior greatly vexed Ancho, and her face took on a horrid expression. She planned to have her revenge, and rushed at Beryl, wanting to snatch her away, but she was surprised when a bodyguard suddenly grabbed her from the nearby bushes and incapacitated her.

"Beryl! Beryl, you can't be so ungrateful! Have you forgotten how good I was to you? I am the one you trusted most in the whole world! If that woman hadn't shown up, we would never have become distant like this!" Ancho struggled desperately in the hands of the bodyguard, while she screamed loudly. The ruckus quickly began attracting people in the area, who flocked closer to see what was happening.

She kept blaming and discrediting Beryl.

After Dylan heard this, he couldn'

about? These are my responsibilities. I'm the father of your child, and also your husband. You should always tell me everything, instead of keeping it to yourself. Especially when it concerns you body and your health."

Emily's heart felt warmed by his words. "Actually, it is really not a big deal..."

"Emily, I can't bear the risk of ever losing you again... No matter whether it is a serious or minor illness, or if you are in pain. You must tell me about it, always." Jacob looked deeply into her eyes, his own dark eyes filled with a great love. His eyes reddened slightly at the panicked thought of ever losing her.

Emily's eyes couldn't help but also become a little moist, but then she nodded and replied, "Okay. I will tell you everything."

They were destined to be together for the rest of their lives.

With relief, Emily relaxed and immediately fell asleep in Jacob's arms. He was both pleased and worried about her.

Having a baby could be a dangerous thing, and Emily was physically weakened. Jacob worried whether she would get through labor smoothly and without complications. Considering this, he knew that he would not let anything happen to her!

Jacob secretly decided in his mind that after this child, they would not have more children. So he decided to have a vasectomy soon after the birth, so as to never place Emily's health in such jeopardy again.

Two months later, on the first day that Emily stayed over in the hospital, her water broke, and she was pushed into the delivery room.

Jacob was quite nervous and he kept walking back and forth outside the delivery room. Beryl was waiting beside him. She also felt very anxious and admonished him, "Dad! Could you please stop walking around like that? You are going to make me dizzy! You should learn to remain calm!"

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