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   Chapter 734 No Evil Deed Can Go Unpunished

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Ancho ran towards the little girl she saw from afar and grabbed hold of her as she yelled in frustration. "Where on earth did you go? Don't you know that I was worried sick about you?"

"Clap!" Ancho was so angry that she slapped the girl's face against the flat of her palm. "How dare you run off like that without telling me? Promise me that you will follow everything I say from now on!"

The little girl's face was red and wet with tears, terror in her eyes. Watching the helpless child cry herself into oblivion made Ancho feel much better and she decided to bring her back.

Meanwhile, the child's scream of pain put into the air, writ large for anyone who cared to help end it and before long it drew attention from the passersby. Ancho began to yell at them angrily. "What are you all looking at? Haven't you ever seen anyone discipline their kids before? Stop looking at us and mind your own business!" Ancho was infuriated.

All of a sudden, someone rushed towards Ancho and delivered a loud, sharp smack to her cheek, sending her staggering backwards with her hand clutching her face. "Clap!"

Dizzied, when the black dots quit covering her vision, Ancho shook her head to clear the fuzzy, heavy feeling. "You bitch! How dare you? Do you have any idea who I am?"

"How dare you slap my daughter? I don't care who you are! I've never even met you. Why did you slap my girl for no reason! Are you crazy?"

The mother pulled her daughter back, waving her fist and yelling at Ancho. Shocked, Ancho tried to grab the girl and said, "What are you talking about, you stupid bitch? This is my child!"

"Help! Help! Help me please! This woman is trying to take my daughter away from me! She must be a human trafficker! If I had come back a little later, she would have kidnapped my daughter!" The woman cried out for help, acting out of desperation.

If there was anything people hated more than human traffickers, it was child traffickers. When the people around saw the hysterical mother crying for help they started to gather around.

That was when Ancho finally realized that something was not right and she lowered her head to look at the little girl's face. Lo and behold, the girl wasn't Beryl! It was just some other child who looked like Beryl.

"I...I just mistook the girl... Hey! What are you trying to do? Stay back! Don't come any closer..."

At this moment, anything Ancho tried to say was chalked up to meaningless excuses as the people unleashed hell's fury upon her. By the time they were finished delivering justice, Ancho was a grotesque mess on the floo

and rolled his eyes at his subordinates, "How dare you make me bother Mr. Gu with such a measly little thing. I don't like to entertain criminals; don't you know that?"

The policemen were afraid of displeasing the rich people in Jingshi City because they had the power and influence over everything and everyone in the city!

"This woman claimed that she had a relationship with the Gu family..." one policeman answered in a low voice.

"She was just a maid. They fired her. There's nothing for you to be scared!" said the chief of police. "She is nothing but a shameless woman nobody cares about! You can go anything you want with her!"

"Maid? How dare you say that!" Ancho was furious at the chief of police for speaking the harsh truth as she continued, "I need to call the Gu family myself! I need to call the daughter of the Gu family! She will not leave me to die alone! I swear I am going to take all your jobs. By the time I'm done you will be cleaning public toilets!"

"Well, well, well, enough with the tough talk! Let me see how tough you are now!" The chief of police walked out after finishing his words as he knew what his subordinates would do to her.

The policemen, Ancho bit and hurled obscenities at, all smiled grimly after finding out who she was.

"Miss Ancho, you'd better obey and accept the judgement of law. But there are a series of procedures waiting for you before that."

Ancho's face turned pale all of a sudden.

After having spent one month behind bars, Ancho lost a lot of weight, face haggard with exhaustion. In just one month she seemed to have aged a decade.

In the end, Ancho's parents paid for her conditional bail with all of their savings to get her out of jail.

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