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   Chapter 731 She Was Injured

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8768

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Beryl's eyes lit up with surprise, as she excitedly asked the saleswoman to affirm it, "Is it really for me?"

"Of course." The saleswoman replied, "You can still come to draw in the future. If you are the 999th passer-by, you can win a reward again."

This was instructed by the woman who came over earlier

and paid enough money to fund their fun activity, specifically arranged for the little girl.

The saleswoman couldn't help but wonder why the woman would do that? What was the relationship between the woman and the little girl? Why would the woman be willing to treat her so well and not want her to know about it?

Could she really be doing it out of the goodness of her heart as a gesture of kindness? Someone who would willingly give without asking for credit or acknowledgement for their selfless deeds?

"Thank you so much!" Beryl was over the moon with happiness, feeling blessed to have such 'good luck'. After waving goodbye to the saleswoman, she carefully carried the box under her arm to the hotel where she and Ancho were living in.

She felt a rush of excitement just by imagining how delighted her dear friend Ancho would be to share the ice cream with her.

'Will Ancho be thrilled by my surprise?

There are four ice creams in the box. If Ancho and I each take one, there will still be two left.

Sadly, there isn't a refrigerator in the hotel and if we don't eat them in time, I am afraid they're going to melt. I wish I was still at home so I could share the rest with daddy and... mommy.'

The thought filled Beryl with deep sorrow, 'But I don't know whether mommy can have ice cream because she is pregnant..."

Drown in her deep thoughts, she didn't notice any difference of her environment. But all of a sudden, she heard a strange sound, as if something heavy fell from the sky. As she was lost in deep contemplation, she hadn't been paying attention to her surroundings and she failed to hear the voice that was calling out to her.

"Beryl, watch out!"

All of a sudden, she saw something white, flash past and pull her away into an embrace before she could even react!

"BANG!" It was the sound of something heavy falling from above making a loud, deafening noise followed by the sound of bones breaking.

By the time Beryl squinted her eyes open, trying to figure out what had happened, she found herself wrapped safely in the arms of a stranger. Shell-shocked Beryl was too frightened to say a word.

The bodyguards looked at Emily, struck with awe, unable to comprehend just how she managed to get to her daughter even before them. It was as if her motherly

she believed anything Ancho said, as if she was under some kind of spell, dancing to her every word.

"Daddy... I need to ask you something. Where is she?" Beryl was curious about her mother.

"Who are you talking about?" Jacob knew who she was talking about, but he deliberately asked her, "Who are you talking about?"

Beryl bit her lip and muttered, almost under her breath, "Mommy... How is she doing? Is she doing okay?"

All she wanted to know was whether her mother had saved her that day.

Jacob suddenly lowered his voice, "No honey, she is not doing okay."

Beryl's heart paused for a few seconds and she started mumbling incoherently, "Huh? What? How is she? Did she get hurt?"

"Beryl, your mom got injured trying to protect you. She is in the hospital. Would you like to see her?" Jacob asked, trying not to pressure her.

"I do. I want to see how she's doing," Beryl broke down in tears.

The moment she heard the truth, she couldn't keep her heart from aching. It was just as she had thought. It was her mother who had saved her! After all, who else would be willing to risk their own lives to save her, apart from her own parents?

As soon as Beryl agreed to visit her mom, Jacob immediately sent out a car with his men to take her to the hospital.

Beryl, however, felt anxious as she walked towards her mother's ward, afraid of seeing her lying in bed.

Jacob held her hand and slowly encouraged her, "You mother would never blame you. She loves you more than anything else in the world. She didn't know that you had left home, because I lied to her. The day she found out, she kept telling me that she wanted to see you... Neither of us ever thought that you would be in danger of getting hurt out there."

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