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   Chapter 730 Congratulations

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Beryl slumped down, her brows creased as she looked at Ancho. Confusion etched on her face as she tried to figure out Ancho's intentions. Ancho's words and actions now pulled in the opposite direction of how she used to be. Beryl had the sinking feeling that all the while; she never really knew and saw what Ancho really was.

Ancho eyed Beryl, as the latter discreetly tried to hide her uncertainty. Ancho tried to grasp on Beryl's string of trust, she huffed exaggeratedly and pouted her mouth. She feigned her tears as she said, "Beryl, you know I always think about the best for you. Ever since you left, your father never tried to look for you. He hasn't even sent his men to look for you. He doesn't even care! He won't even bother to try and find you!" Ancho sobbed insincerely.

Beryl refused to look at Ancho. Deep in thought, she stared ahead in silence. Her thoughts and emotions protested the devastating notion that her father did not care about her.

Ancho continued to observe Beryl's reactions. She saw the dejected gaze in Beryl's eyes and opted to dig in further. "Beryl, you are Mr. Gu's dearest daughter. I don't think your father would do this to you. I'm pretty sure it's that woman! She must have stopped your father! You know your father listens to her, specially now that she's pregnant. She could've convinced him to lure you away! She plans to take everything from the Gu family. That's her goal," Ancho complained, the pretense all gone.

"Stop it. Please, Ancho. Just stop," Beryl sighed. "I don't think she would do that to me and my family," she decidedly said. Despite how abandoned she felt right now, she knew that Ancho was wrong.

Beryl believed that Emily was her mother. She knew deep down that her mom deeply cared for her. Beryl had full confidence that Emily would never do or say anything that would bring her harm.

What hurt her was how her father treated her. Beryl felt crushed with his cold and indifferent attitude towards her.

Was the unborn baby more important? Did it weigh more than she did in her father's heart? Because if not, then where was he? Why haven't he looked for her? Where were they? Her mom never tried to look for her, either. Neither of her parents wanted her home.

Her shoulders slumped and her eyes cast down with a mournful gaze. The desolation she felt consumed her as salty beads of water fell from her eyes and drenched her shirt. She turned away from Ancho and refused to continue their conversation further.

Ancho knew it was no use to try and provoke Beryl some more. She reached out, caressed Beryl's tear-streaked cheek, and tucked her hair away from her face. She soothed her and told her to rest. Ancho knew she would be able to persuade Beryl more when she had calmed down.

Their stay in the high-end, luxurious hotel drained Ancho's money just after a few days. Unfortunately for them, Beryl had nothing with her as well. She left home without her credit card, nor was she able to bring money with her.

They were suddenly in an unprecedented dilemma. They did not take this in to consideration when they checked in, but now they could not afford to stay in this exclusive hotel any longer.

Left with no other alternative, Ancho and Beryl transferred to an ordinary, cheaper hotel. Ancho mulled over the fact that as long as she had Beryl wrapped around her scheme, Emily would not stand a chance with even the slightest of victory.

The hotel they transferred to was plain and way cheaper, and it was also a lot less comfortable. But despite all that, it was clean and well kept.

Beryl made no fuss about transferring hotels. All she wanted was a clean room and she was able to adapt immediately. It was Ancho who whined a lot. She criticized and complained about every single thing. She was not satisfied and kept muttering under her breath.

"This room is so small! Oh my god! The floor looks so old! The walls are not pristine, and look! There are scratches all over!" Ancho grumbled some more.

"And this!

she heard her name. Someone called her from behind. She cautiously turned her head back. She found the saleslady of the ice cream store running after her. Beryl stopped and waited for her to catch up. The saleslady held a box which she then handed to her.

"Hi, miss! Sorry I had to run after you. I never thought I'd catch up!" the lady was panting as she said this with a big smile.

Beryl's brow furrowed as she looked at the lady with confusion. She shook her head and took a step back. "Uhm... I did not buy anything. You must have mistaken me for someone else."

The saleslady had her hands on her waist as she steadied her breath. She shook her head and continued to smile at Beryl. "No, miss. It's not a mistake. You won! We have store promotions today and you're one of the lucky ones to win and enjoy a free taste of our ice cream! Here you go!" she beamed at Beryl.

She then handed Beryl the box.

Beryl was perplexed as she stared at the box. She hesitated and shook her head once more. "Oh sorry, you got the wrong person. I did not participate in anything, and I did not even enter your store," Beryl continued to take a few steps back as she explained.

"Don't worry, miss. You are the right person!" the lady confirmed and kindly shoved the box towards Beryl. "Our promotions today are for the passersby. You are the 999th passerby we had today! And you are the lucky winner! Congratulations!"

The lady was now blabbering. She shifted from one foot to the other.

She tried her best to make her lie believable. Her smile felt unnatural, but she had to stay positive and jolly in front of the girl.

They had no store promotions of any kind at all. A beautiful woman entered the shop and talked to her. She promised her a big amount of money and gave her instructions. She had to give this box of ice cream to the girl that the beautiful woman described.

The saleslady was willing to hand out this favor. The pay was quite rewarding and the beautiful woman was obviously very kind. She bought all these ice cream from her store, as well. All she had to do was give it to a girl. That wasn't a bad deal at all.

She just had to think of a quick little white lie to make the girl believe her.

Beryl had always been a little naive. She was always easily swayed. A huge smile broke out her delicate face as she happily took the box from the saleslady. She thanked the lady well enough. Soon, Beryl was on her way back to the hotel with a twinkle of excitement in her eyes.

She slowly opened the box. A whiff of the sweet scent and cold brushed her face.

Beryl squealed a little when she saw that there were four delicate ice creams inside!

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