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   Chapter 728 Running Away From Home

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7963

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Ancho found a very high-end luxury hotel to keep Beryl in. Although it was expensive to live in such a hotel, she willingly paid for the expenses and chalked it up to an investment for her future.

She thought to herself in her heart, 'Anyway, we can't stay here for long. I don't believe that Jacob and Emily would really ignore Beryl's leaving home. I'll wait here until we get back to their home, and then I'll plot my next move slowly.' Ancho mulled things over in her mind.

Nevertheless, even though Beryl ran away from home, she still had to attend school as usual.

In the quiet hours of the early morning, Ancho got up and prepared Beryl for school. After having breakfast together, she walked over to the side of the road with Beryl and called a taxi to take her to school.

Since Beryl had been absent from school for some time, her curious classmates gathered around her as soon as she entered the classroom and started asking her questions.

Beryl, however, feeling anxious and impatient, was in no mood to ease their curiosities. She drove her classmates away and sat in a seat at the corner of the class by herself.

Some of her classmates weren't pleased by her attitude and they felt insulted by her indifference. Most of the children who attended this prestigious school came from rich families with powerful backgrounds, and they had been used to being treated like priceless treasures at home. As a result, Beryl's failure to reciprocate openly made them feel uncomfortable.

However, they also understood that it was better to leave Beryl alone if that was what she wanted because her family was far more powerful than any of theirs. If Beryl refused to answer their questions, the best course of action they could take was to walk away.

Some of them, however, came from families that were just as powerful and influential as Beryl's. A few of the girls who didn't like Beryl, walked up to her and made fun of her.

"Beryl, how come you didn't bring your car to school today? I saw you come to school in a taxi."

"I saw it too. Did your car break down or something?"

"Are you kidding? Do you know how many luxury cars Beryl's family has? Could they all have broken down? Maybe Beryl just wanted to see how it felt to take a taxi."

"Shut up." Beryl looked at them coldly, "I don't want to talk about it right now."

The girls were deeply i

elt embarrassed. He touched his nose and said, "All right then, if you need anything, just let me know. Don't kept the troubles to yourself."

Beryl pulled out a book from her bag and opened it without looking at him.

Disappointed, Dylan got up to leave Beryl's class. As soon as he reached the door, several girls surrounded him with great enthusiasm.

Dylan did not treat them mildly. He warned the girls with a cold face, "You must not bully Beryl in the future, unless you want face my anger!"

Staring at each other, the girls' faces turned red, and they did not know what to say. Their admiration for their 'Prince Charming' had started to fade.


At the hotel, Ancho, who had spent the past few days calmly, began to feel a little restless.

'It's been several days already, but Jacob hasn't come take Beryl back home. What's the matter?' Ancho kept thinking in her mind.

'Did Jacob forget about his daughter because he has a new wife and a new child?

No way, that's not possible!'

She spent the whole day mulling it over in her head.

That night, Ancho had a dream.

In her dream, Emily stood in front of her with a big belly and ridiculed her. "Who do you think you are? How dare you think about being Mrs. Gu? You're nothing but a joke!"

These words touched Ancho on her most sensitive spot and nettled her.

Compared to Emily, she looked like a cat who had its tail stepped on by someone. In her mind, Ancho turned into a cat and sprang up to scratch Emily's eyes out.

But before she even touched Emily's body, she woke up from her dream.

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