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   Chapter 727 How Calculating She Is

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Jacob's face instantly darkened. "Beryl, why do you have to be so stubborn? Doesn't it matter at all what I say?"

Beryl looked at him undauntedly, and then she said, "There's no way that Ancho would do that!"

"I didn't kick her out before for your sake, but this time, I won't let her continue staying in our home! And she'll pay for what she has done!"

Jacob's icy words sent a chill down Ancho's spine, and it didn't require much effort for her to force a few tears. Swallowing down her fear, she managed to look sorrowful. "Ooh..."

She sobbed as if she was being wronged.

Beryl didn't want to believe the truth, and she was determined to stand up against Jacob. "Dad! I won't let you hurt Ancho! If you intend to send her away, I'll go with her!"

Jacob stared at his daughter with his deep and dark eyes utterly expressionless, making it hard for her to decipher his feelings.

He had decided to teach his daughter a lesson. Unlike his wife Emily, he would show no mercy to the woman named Ancho, since Beryl had been deeply influenced by her corruption. If he didn't correct his daughter in time, she would grow up like a crooked tree and might suffer because of this for the rest of her life.

He had to kick this malicious woman out, even though Beryl might hate him for it.

The moment Beryl finished speaking, she waited expectantly for Jacob to lose his temper. However, a few seconds later, she was puzzled when he still remained quiet.

Looking up, Beryl found that Jacob showed no sign of anger; instead he was very calm, too calm almost.

"Beryl, I'm really disappointed by what you just said. In your heart, do you really care about Ancho more than anything else, including me and your mom?"

"No..." Beryl wanted to say more and explain, but at the sight of the severe disappointment which dulled his eyes, the words failed her and her heart ached.

Just then Ancho found an opening and somehow she managed to shake off the restraining grip of Jacob's men. Ripping off the tape from her mouth, she began to talk.

"Sir, I know why you look so indifferent. Because you don't really care for Beryl anymore. It doesn't matter. I'll take her away, because I like her very much, and I want her to be happy..."

Her words insinuated that Beryl was no longer important to him, sinc

er wanted me as her mother..."

Jacob's heart throbbed restlessly at hearing this, but he concealed it quickly. He softly consoled her, "Don't worry. Give her some time. I know she's still accepting you. Just relax."

He poured her a glass of warm water and thoughtfully brought her a more comfortable garment to wear.

Emily felt refreshed and more comfortable, but she was still worried, "Where's Beryl? Did she go to school today? I'd like to see her."

"Emily," Jacob paused for a moment, and then continued, "There's something I have to tell you first."

"What's going on?"

"Remember the day you slipped on the oil? You didn't fall by accident, but by design. And the one who has been trying to hurt you is Ancho."

Hearing this, Emily didn't seem to be shocked. She felt that her speculations were confirmed instead. "I know she doesn't like me, but it's such an awful thing to do, even for her. How dare she do that!"

Then Jacob told her about how Ancho had bribed the servants. "I've already punished those servants. But Ancho has Beryl on her side..."

Emily couldn't help but frown as Beryl clearly had so much faith in Ancho. Sadly Beryl didn't know how calculating she was.

"I kicked Ancho out, but Beryl was angry and upset. She said that she didn't want to see me. So she's gone to live with David and Rita." Jacob dared not tell Emily the truth. He chose to tell her a white lie instead. "So, let's leave her alone to calm down for a while."

Although Emily felt downcast by this news, she finally nodded.

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