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   Chapter 726 I Just Love You More

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Jacob said in a voice filled with concern, "But I'm worried about you..."

Emily asked, "And what about Beryl? If something were to happen to her, I would not have the courage to continue living..."

"I have already asked someone to go find her. They will certainly protect her from any harm..." Before Jacob could finish, he saw Emily's tears begin falling like beads from a broken string.

Verging on panic at the sight of her distress, he quickly comforted her, "Don't cry. Please don't cry. What do you want me to do? I'll do whatever you want, okay?"

"Don't you love Beryl?" Emily asked, while she wiped away her tears. Then she looked at Jacob with red rabbit eyes, seeking his assurance.

Jacob replied in a hurry, "How could that even be possible? She is your daughter, and also my daughter. How could I not love her? I just..."

'I just love you more, ' he finished the sentence with an unspoken thought.

He couldn't say it out loud, because of concern for Emily's emotional state. She had clearly blamed him for not going after Beryl, when she had run away from home, and if he said that now, Emily might be greatly vexed or suffer a breakdown.

Emily licked her lips, then she inquired with anxiety filled eyes, "Then you should go out to find Beryl and bring her back to me. You should make sure she is safe and sound. Hurry up..."

"Okay. I will do it." Jacob had no other options but to tell his subordinate to strengthen security measures around the recovery room where Emily was recuperating, and then he went out to bring his daughter back himself.

To be honest, his actions didn't mean that he didn't care about his daughter.

It was just that Beryl was so emotional at that time, and he thought it would be better for her to cool off by herself for a while. However, he had almost forgotten about another person in the equation-Ancho.

There must be some strange agenda with that woman.

Jacob made a call to the subordinate who was responsible for finding Beryl. Once Jacob knew where they were, he quickly drove there and picked them up, before returning to the hospital.

"I hope you don't need me to remind you what you should and what you shouldn't say when you get there." Jacob said to Ancho in the car as he drove, his eyes were suspicious and remained locked on to her face in the rear view mirror. He didn't want this scheming woman to affect Emily's mood, or health.

After Ancho heard this, she lowered her head and obediently replied, "Yes, sir."

From Beryl's point of view, it seemed that Ancho was

ered at her ear, "Beryl, don't you want to know the truth? Or do you think these servants are just slandering Ancho? Even then, would it matter to listen and let the servant finish?"

Beryl glared at the servant fiercely, but she eventually kept silent and closed her mouth.

She would see what lies the servant could invent!

The servant continued, "For this reason, she asked me to call someone to spill some oil on the floor. And not only in the kitchen, but also elsewhere that Mrs. Emily usually walked."

Right after that, the second servant began to speak with a trembling voice, "Sir, I am new here, and I really don't know anything about it! They asked me to brush the floor with oil. They said it was for maintenance. I didn't know whether it's true or not, because I'm from the countryside. If only I had known that it would harm someone, I would never have done it! No matter how much money they gave me!"

The first servant then continued, "After the accident happened, Ancho asked us to say that it was Miss Beryl that did it. She said because Miss Beryl was your daughter, sir, and you would not blame her so harshly. But if you knew it was us who had done this, then we were doomed to be finished."

When the servants had finished speaking, the truth finally lay bared.

Actually, Jacob had already known the truth, but he cared more about Emily's physical condition, so he hadn't mentioned it before.

"Beryl, did you hear it clearly?" Jacob asked.

Beryl stood rooted to the spot with a numb expression. It took quite a long time for her to react, but then she shouted loudly, "I don't believe it! You must all have conspired to cheat me! Ancho could never be that evil!"

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