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   Chapter 725 How Could You

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"Shut up." Jacob glared at Ancho coldly. His eyes were frigid pools which froze her on the spot and promised death.

Ancho wanted to say more, but was scared into silence by his seething eyes.

As Beryl walked in, she looked at Jacob incredulously. "Daddy, do you also think it was me?"

Jacob frowned. He did not for even a moment believe that Beryl could do something so heinous. But the evil Ancho was there at her side. No one knew what Ancho was capable of.

Confused, he paused for a moment, which stabbed into Beryl's sensitive heart with a penetrating pain, and she immediately burst into tears.

"Daddy, I am so disappointed in you!"

Having said this, she took a long look at Emily, who was still unconscious, and then she turned and left.

"Mr. Jacob! Really, you shouldn't suspect your own daughter! How could you think her capable of this?" Ancho said in condemnation of Jacob, as if he had done something terrible.

Having said this, she ran out after Beryl.

Jacob wanted to go after Beryl and bring her back, but he was worried about Emily. She still lay in a comatose state in the emergency room, and he didn't want to leave her. Torn between the two, he finally sent a man to chase after Beryl, while he remained with Emily.

By then, Beryl had run out of the hospital.

Ancho had followed closely after her. She shouted, "Beryl, Beryl! Wait for me!"

Finally, out of breath, Beryl slowed down and turned to look at Ancho. Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she grieved. She said, "Ancho, Dad doesn't believe me. Do you also see that he thinks I did it? Does he really think that I am capable of hurting the baby? But I am not! I am not!"

"I know you are not!" Ancho soothed. . She took the opportunity to hold Beryl in her arms, and consoled her in a mild tone, "It doesn't matter Beryl. Even if the whole world doesn't believe you, I do!"

"Thank you..." Beryl sobbed. Hearing her words, Beryl felt greatly upset, but also wronged that her own father had seemingly turned his back on her. Sniffing she said, "As long as you are willing to believe me..."

Ancho sighed, "Beryl, you didn't want to believe me before. But now, it is obvious that your father really cares more about the child in your mother's belly..."

This really upset Beryl.

Originally, she had not wanted to believe what Ancho had said, but now, she could no longer deceive herself. For the sake of the baby, her father even suspected her of having done something terrible!

And this was


Now that he had died, she was surprised that she did not feel happy. Her emotions were greatly complicated and raw, filling her with some confusion.

"It's good that he's dead," Emily said softly.

As Jacob thought of the madman, his emotions were turbulent. Sean committed suicide, escaping the dark plans for revenge which Jacob had been forming.

How he wished he could dismantle Sean's corpse into hundreds of pieces and revisit all the pain on Sean which he had caused them!

"Well," Emily no longer wanted to continue this topic any further. So she asked, "Where's Beryl? I have been awake for so long. Yet, I haven't seen her. Where's she?"

Jacob hesitated. He did not know how to explain.

But Emily misinterpreted his silence and asked, "Didn't she want to come and see me? It doesn't matter. Besides, I'm not seriously injured any way..."

She said that it didn't matter, but her expression had turned gloomy, with a hint of bitter sadness.

"No." Jacob could not bear to see her like this, so he hurriedly explained, "She did come, and was waiting outside the emergency room until we could come in. But..."

Emily was glad to hear the first part of what he had said. But hearing his hesitation she suddenly had a bad premonition. "But what?" she asked in trepidation.

"But she thought I had suspected her..." In order to prevent Emily from further worry, Jacob roughly told her the whole story.

Having heard what Jacob said, Emily could not help hitting him with her small fist. She said angrily, "How did you ever become a father? How could you do this to her? Your daughter has run away, but you didn't even go get her back!"

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