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   Chapter 722 I'm Here With You

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Beryl looked at her curiously for an instant and said, "Ancho, I am sorry I didn't realize that you were insisting to pay for the dress out of self-respect. I shouldn't have stopped you. That was very presumptuous of me."

Ancho was a trifle subdued, with a puzzled look in her face, "What did Mrs. Emily actually say to you?"

"Well, she said that no one wants their dignity and personal boundaries to be abused. I should have taken your thoughts and opinions into consideration before making your decisions for you."

Ancho clenched his fists, infuriated, one push away from a violent outburst. 'My thoughts and opinions? What nonsense! She just wants to me make pay for that damn dress! Bravo, Emily! You've managed to fool a child in just a word or two!'

Ancho condemned Emily's actions, not realizing that she often resorted to manipulating Beryl in the same way for her own benefit.

But now she had fallen into Emily's trap. Refusing to pay for the dress now was no longer an option as it would only imply that she had no dignity or self-respect. What would Beryl think of her then?

Ancho contemplated her current situation for a while and then came up with a plan. Hoping to sway Beryl with suggestive maneuvers, she said, "I'm still worried that Mrs. Emily will be angry with me. Beryl, do you think it would be possible for you to pay Mrs. Emily on my behalf first? I just want to make sure that she gets the money first and then I can easily pay it back to you in monthly instalments."

To an innocent child like Beryl, who had a heart of gold, Ancho's request sounded reasonable, as it seemed like the best way to make everyone happy. As a result, she agreed to help out Ancho without hesitation. Needless to say, money wasn't really an issue for Beryl. After all, she was the daughter of Jacob Gu. Coming up with the money for Beryl was just as easy as lifting a finger to help Ancho.

Satisfied, Ancho finally breathed a sigh of relief. She figured it was better to be in debt to Beryl than to owe money to Emily, as Beryl would never pressure her to pay back the money. In fact, she might not even ask her to pay it back at all.

"Beryl, please don't tell Mrs. Emily about this, or she will get angry at me again." She indirectly implied that Emily's bad temper was the reason why she needed to keep their pact a secret. "Come on, let's make a pinkie promise."

While Beryl didn't completely agree with what Ancho had said about Emily, she wanted to help her friend the best way she could without angering Emily.

Having settled that matter, Ancho finally brought up the proble

e said in a spoiled tone.

"Yes, it will." Emily smiled, "Our Beryl is the best child in the world, and our baby must be like her. But I don't know whether Beryl likes the idea of having a sibling or not."

"This is her own brother or sister. How could she not be happy about it? Don't worry. They will get along well. I am sure of it."

Although, Emily was skeptical, she was unwilling to let her doubts dampen Jacob's spirits so she laughed it off.

Soon they arrived at the Tyrone Mansion.

Jacob was about to take his daughter out of the car when he saw the little girl suddenly open her eyes and drill out of his arms like a fish.

"This kid..."

Jacob shook his head left to right, amused by her. "Beryl, were you just pretending to be asleep this whole time? Have you been eavesdropping on mommy and daddy?" Jacob said, as he led Emily in by the hand.

Meanwhile, Ancho got out of the other car and hurried after them, keeping a yard behind. She could have closed the distance, but she kept her eyes on their shoulders with a sneer hanging in the corner of her lips.

'If I cannot be Mrs. Gu, I will see to it that no one else can as well! Emily shouldn't expect to give birth to this baby safely.'

At the same time, Emily's eyelids began to twitch spasmodically with anxiety, for reasons she herself did not know. She stopped at her path with a vague sense of foreboding in her heart.

Jacob stopped with her and asked with concern, "What's wrong? Is something bothering you?"

Emily nodded and then shook her head. "Nothing. I just feel a little uneasy all of a sudden."

Jacob held her hands. "Don't be afraid. I am here with you," he said in a voice that consoled her and gave her a sense of security.

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