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   Chapter 718 Though Miles Apart

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David and Rita were greatly concerned about their son, Dylan, but they said nothing when Jacob and Emily told them that Dylan had been injured.

Both David and Rita doted upon Beryl and had already begun seeing her as their daughter-in-law, so they didn't blame her.

Luckily, the injury wasn't too serious and Dylan was still full of vim and vigor.

"Dad, you know what," Dylan lowered his voice, "The injury was worth it. Beryl has promised to be responsible for me. She will marry me when she grows up."

"Wow, good job, my boy." David took pride in his son. "I should have been brazen-faced like you, when I wooed your mother."

Dylan was slightly miffed and stormed, "I'm not brazen-faced! This is my grand strategy, you know."

"Come on, I can see through you. Stop acting like that."

"I don't want to quarrel over this. Dad, when are you going to sit down with Uncle Jacob officially and talk about my marrying Beryl? We need to get engaged first."

"Your uncle may break your leg, if he knew you wanted to marry his daughter."

David turned his son's head in the right direction, until he was facing Jacob.

Jacob's death stare scared Dylan from his schemes, and he lowered his head to avoid those fiery eyes. "Dad, you can handle it. I trust you," Dylan said confidently.

"What are you two doing over there? Come over here!" Rita yelled at them. David and Dylan immediately heeded her call and trotted over.

They socialized together after supper. Dylan was unwilling to leave Beryl, until David threatened to use violence to bring him to heel.

They had confirmed Emily's true identity, so Dylan had no need to stay.

That evening, Beryl rejected the company of Jacob and Emily, and finally slept alone.

Emily was still worried about Beryl, and asked Jacob, "Did I scare Beryl today?"

Jacob held her hand. "Don't worry. I don't think so. I think Beryl's attitude is changing for the better. She just needs time. Just take it easy, okay?" Jacob soothed.

"Alright." Emily snug

to say no. She licked her lips and finally said, "Okay..."

As she said this, Emily's eyes lit up and were full of joy. She squatted down and kissed Beryl.

"Thank you baby! Thank you for agreeing to mom's wish."

It was several seconds before she realized that she had made such an intimate gesture and she subconsciously held her breath as she watched Beryl's expression, fearing that she would cry like last time.

Beryl just sat there, and didn't react to what happened. Her flushed face looked like a red apple.

Emily was greatly relieved. She tried her best to control the urge to embrace Beryl, and even her tone became cautious, "Beryl, you can go prepare. Do you need mom to pick out your clothes?"

"No, thanks." Beryl glanced at her quickly, then lowered her head again. "I can get dressed by myself. You can wait for me outside."

"Well, take your time, baby. We will leave once you are ready." Emily had endless patience and tolerance for her daughter. Even if Beryl said that she wanted the stars in the sky, she would find a way to pick them for her.

Closing the door, Beryl couldn't help but touch her cheek where Emily had just kissed her.

In fact, she didn't hate Emily's intimate touch at all; she actually like it very much. But she just felt a little uncomfortable and embarrassed by it at the same time.

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