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   Chapter 717 Why Do You Cry

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The moment David made that joke, Rita's eyes widened and went straight towards Jacob as if she could tell what was coming next. And as expected, before David could even react, Jacob punched him in the arm.

"Ah! That hurt!" David grabbed his arm and yelled in an aggrieved response. "Damn, Jacob! Why did you have to punch me so hard?"

"So that you will remember not to make that same mistake again," Jacob smiled arrogantly. Rita felt embarrassed by David's puerile humour so she pulled him to her side by the ear and warned him, "You twerp! Can't you go one minute without getting yourself hurt? Although I must say, I do agree with what you said just now."

Speechless, Jacob's eyebrows shot up in bewilderment, and there was a twist in his mouth that nearly resembled an astonished droop.

'Have these two got nothing better to do than to come and irritate me in my own house?' Jacob shook his head from side to side.

Amused by the comic relief provided by the three people, Emily covered her mouth with her hand and sniggered. Waves of happiness and relief washed over her, and she felt it soak right into her bones. Dizzy with exaltation, she closed her eyes and savoured the felicity that fizzled in her heart.

Now that her friends were back in her life, she felt as though every puzzle piece was finally falling into its place.

Beryl saw Rita and David as soon as she got back home from school and she ran towards them, throwing herself into David's arms.

"Uncle David and Auntie Rita!" Beryl's eyes were alight, screaming with delight and every muscle in her body made her want to move, dance or jump.

David cuddled her up in his arms and weighed her as he said, "My dear Beryl, did you gain some weight? Why do I feel like you are heavier now?"

David had a different kind of sparkle in his eyes every time he was around Beryl. Although, he loved Dylan very much, he always had a soft spot for daughters.

However, since Rita did not want to have anymore kids David could only give all his love for a daughter to Beryl. When Jacob had to leave Beryl in the care of the Xu family, they loved and cared for her as if she were their own daughter.

Both Rita and David loved Beryl from the bottom of their hearts.

"No, I didn't. Humph!" Beryl pouted her tiny lips and crossed her arms, expressing her disapproval to David's words.

Dylan, chimed in from the side, "Of course not! Beryl did not gain any weight at all! She is just perfect the way she is. Daddy, you are too old to see that!"

Now it was time for David to be speechless.

ac and gooseberries... 'That's the smell of mommy!' Beryl's memories from the old days came rushing in.

Suddenly, her shoulders slumped with pure dejection. She wanted to call her mommy but instead she leaned forward, taking her face in her hand and broke into tears.

"Hey! What's wrong, baby? Why are you crying?" Emily was shocked and she stepped back quickly, scrambling to apologize, "I won't touch you. I won't touch you. Don't cry please! Watching you cry, makes mommy want to cry too..."

Beryl turned and buried her face into Rita's shoulder.

Perhaps it was because Emily said she would cry if she saw Beryl crying. For reasons unknown to her, Beryl did not want to see Emily crying so she hid herself.

Unfortunately, Emily thought that Beryl was crying because she did not want to be cuddled by her. The thought filled her with an unbearable sorrow and she hid it well behind a smile. "Beryl must be tired from school. Why don't we sit down and have a rest?"

Jacob felt so helpless seeing Emily like this as he could do nothing but watch.

Dylan sat down by Beryl and comforted her in a low voice, "Don't cry please, Beryl. Look at Auntie Emily. She looks like she's going to cry any moment now. And look at me! I hurt my head but I did not cry!"

Beryl gave a sudden exhalation of breath.

She didn't know why she was crying. Perhaps the familiar smell of her mother brought back memories of her longing to be with her mother.

It had been so long since she smelled that fragrance.

"Come here! You brat! Don't bother Beryl." David pulled Dylan towards him to look at his wound, "How dare you show off such a small wound? I once got shot when I was young but never showed it off."

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