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   Chapter 716 As Long As My Wife Is Happy

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7695

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The next day, David and Rita went over for a visit to the Tyrone Mansion again.

They waited for Emily in the hall as she was still asleep. Due to her pregnancy, Emily had a tendency to sleep in longer than she usually did. Fortunately, Jacob was there to keep their guests entertained.

David inevitably struck up a conversation about work that most men might be interested in, "Jacob, I haven't seen you in the company for a while. Aren't you worried about how things are going over there?"

"I appointed Sam to run the company before I went abroad. I'm sure the company is in good hands. Besides, for me, there is nothing more important than Emily, and I've decided to stay with her during this time." As Jacob spoke of Emily, a hint of tenderness appeared on his grim face. It was like the sun had finally shone in a dark and desolate world.

David coughed slowly to cover up his awkwardness, "Okay."

Yesterday when the couple saw Jacob taking care of Emily, they thought Jacob was too heartbroken to accept the fact that his beloved was dead, and was so mentally broken down that he found himself a replacement for Emily to deal with the loss.

Only later did they realize how wrong they had been.

As it turned out, the woman wasn't a replace; she really was Emily in the flesh.

Thinking of how the couple behaved yesterday, Jacob frowned and warned, "If you guys are trying to find fault with Emily, then I'd suggest that you go home right now. I won't let you do that to my wife. I don't care whether you're my good friends or not."

"Yeah, about yesterday! See, that's why we're here." David was rather embarrassed, "We didn't mean to upset her. What happened yesterday was a mistake. We are extremely ashamed of how we treated Emily."

Rita added, "Yeah, we were wrong to doubt you and Emily. We didn't recognize her yesterday. Anyway, we came here to apologize today."

"Really?" Jacob squinted at them skeptically as if the couple had some new tricks up their sleeves. Needless to say, he didn't believe what they had said.

"So how did you suddenly come to change your mind about her? Tell me the truth."

With sharp eyes, he locked the couple in a serious gaze, making them feel more guilty than they already did.

David glanced at his wife, then turned his eyes t

David stood there, frozen, wishing he could dig a hole on the ground and bury his head in it. 'Fine, as long as my wife is happy.

I don't mind to take the blame. It wouldn't be the first time anyway, ' David mused.

Much to their surprise, when Emily heard that they were quarrelling, she said to the couple with great conviction, "David, no matter what happens, you cannot hurt Rita. After all, you're the one she chose to marry. Even if you have conflicts, please try to talk to each other instead of fighting."

Not knowing what to say to that, the couple nodded their heads in agreement.

"Well darling, leave them alone. They know how to solve their problems." Jacob strode over in his long legs and held Emily in his arms, "I made breakfast for us. Let's have it here while it's still warm."

"Yes, that sounds great!" Emily smiled sweetly, then looked at the couple, "Did you guys have breakfast yet? Let's sit down and have it together!"

Rita and David declined the invitation immediately when they realized Jacob had intended the breakfast to be for his wife only, "No thanks, we've had ours at home. Enjoy yourselves."

They didn't have the guts to stay and enjoy the breakfast made by Jacob since they had seen Jacob being mad. They'd rather flee than face Jacob's fury any day.

However, when David saw the love between the couple, he couldn't help teasing them. "You two look just like the weird couple Humbert and his Lolita*!"(*TN: The protagonists in a book named Lolita written by Vladimir Nabokov)

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