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   Chapter 714 Paternity Testing

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Emily, who was standing not too far away, overheard what Beryl had said and her face turned pale and shrivelled up like a dry leaf.

It took her a moment before she let the thoughts sink in before she turned and left silently.

Jacob walked in through the door to hold his daughter, whose cheeks were tight from the dried salty tears she had been shedding in her father's arms. He kissed her on the forehead, patting her gently on the back and coaxing her with a soft voice, "Beryl, daddy is here now. Don't be afraid..."

"Yay! Daddy..."

"Daddy and mommy will never leave you again."

Beryl smiled and snuggled deeper into his embrace, until she felt tired and fell asleep.

The peaceful look on her sleeping face soothed Jacob's worries and he gently wiped her tears off with his fingers.

How could anyone punish such a lovely little doll?

It was better to educate her slowly.

Meanwhile, Rita and David drove back home by themselves leaving their son at the villa.

Neither of them uttered a word on their way back.

Until, Rita finally broke the silence, "Do you really think that woman is Emily?"

David shook his head, doubtfully, while he kept his eyes on the road. "To be honest, I don't really know anymore. But as long as Jacob's happy, I suppose I don't really care."

Rita punched him on the arm as soon as he said that. Needless to say, she wasn't pleased with his apathy. "What do you mean as long as Jacob's happy? What about Beryl's happiness? Do you think a young step-mother is what she needs right now?"

"I can't say for sure whether it would do her good to have a step-mother right now, but I know that Beryl is Jacob and Emily's daughter. Nobody will dare to be unkind to her."

"What do you know? What if this woman gives birth to her own child?"

"Hey! Let's try to be positive, okay?" David signed in resignation, "Honestly, I think you shouldn't worry about it so much. Maybe that woman really is Emily."

"I can't just leave it to chance. This is Beryl's life we're talking about. I won't be able to rest until I get to the bottom of this. We have to find a way to determine whether she is Emily or not." Rita couldn't stop worrying because she loved Beryl too much.

David nodded in agreement, "But we can't just bring it up to them out of the blue, after all, we are only their friends. We shouldn't interfere in their family matters."

Rita understood what David was trying to say. "Who said anything about mentioning this to Jacob or

track of the emotions that were running through her mind.

Although her instincts had told her that the woman in Jacob's house was Emily, she needed absolute, irrefutable proof to ease her mind.

Suddenly, like an unforgiving spectre, remorse came over to haunt her. Earlier on, in a flash of anger, she had said something hurtful to Emily. She imagined it must have been very painful for Emily to hear that coming from her best friend.

How could she ever face Emily again? She didn't even recognize her own best friend!

"Rita, why are you crying?" David's concerned voice drew Rita's thoughts back.

Rita subconsciously touched her own cheek and was surprised to find it wet. She sniffled and wiped the tears away with the back of her hand. "I'm not crying. I just have something in my eye."

"Yeah right! You might as well say that your eyes are sweating." David embraced her in his arms and said, "Honey, just cry if you want. No one will laugh at you."

"How old I am? Why should I cry? I will not cry... No...I, I'm not... just... I..." Rita buried her face in David's chest, sobbing unceasingly, hands clutching at his shirt. While he held her close, rocking her slowly as her tears soaked his chest.

"Why am I so useless? I even failed to recognize Emily. It must have broken her heart. I hurt her today..."

David's heart broke to see her fall apart in his arms. Emotional pain flowing out of every pore. He rubbed her back up and down and said, "You're not the only one who failed to recognize her. Even I couldn't! It's not your fault. You were just trying to be careful. I'm sure Emily will understand that you had good intentions..."

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