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   Chapter 712 I Refuse To Apologize

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Rita gaped in awe the moment she saw Emily. Judging by how wide Rita's eyes were, anyone could just imagine the sparks in her brain, desperately trying to connect the dots and instead just causing a short circuit. The resemblance was too uncanny to cast aside as a coincidence. Not only did she look like Emily, the woman standing before her spoke and behaved exactly like her friend. And the eyes?

Her eyes were too beautiful to describe them in words. To say that her eyes were like shining stars would fall short because the beauty of her eyes was not about colours or shape, it was about the loving sweet essence that was so clearly there.

The only difference Rita observed was that this woman was years younger than her friend. The woman revealed a strong sense of youth and vitality. Rita was almost convinced that this was Emily, her friend Emily, but she knew that it couldn't be true because her friend was supposed to be a beautiful mature woman if she were still alive.

Rita was fooled at first sight, but the details quickly revealed the difference. Only she could notice the subtle differences because she knew Emily like the back of her hand.

But could there be two people in the world who looked exactly the spitting image of one another? Could she leave it all to coincidence? Rita was flabbergasted, to say the least, and awed by he the wonders of the world.

"Hi, Rita and David, I am so glad to see you guys. What brings you here?" Emily was delighted to see them, just as Jacob had expected. The familiar and casual manner in which she addressed and spoke to them made it feel as though they had known each other for a long time.

Rita's brain told her that this young lady couldn't be her old friend, but she couldn't deny her heart from feeling a certain kind of familiarity with her. "Hello! I am afraid I don't recognize you. Have we met before?" Rita's face conveyed a spectrum of skepticism.

The world around them fell silent as they looked at each other in embarrassment. Although, David shared the same doubts as Rita, he decided to save his wife from the awkward situation by breaking the silence. He turned to Emily and said, "Hello, Miss. We heard that Jacob had returned from his travels so we came her to catch up with him. Oh, I am sorry. Allow me to introduce myself, I am David. And you are?"

The vibrant smile on Emily's mouth faded and the look of disappointment came over her face almost as soon as she heard what they said. "I don't know what to say. I am so sad even my friends can't recognize me anymore. Can't you really recognize me?" Emily's voice trebled and she sounded like a person drained of all hope.

Jacob felt sorry for Emily. He couldn't bare to watch her sad face so he went over to her and gave her a hug, gently patting her on the back to comfort her. Brushing stray hairs from her forehead, he whispered into her ear, "Don't be sad, my love. Just like everybody else, they just need some time to get used to your present look. Have faith on them, okay?"

"You're right. I understand," Emily answered, her face looked glum, but it creased into the recollection of a smile.

Rita and David stared at each other, communicating doubt and confusion. Jacob's words did very little to make them change their stance and they still couldn't make up their minds what to make of the woman in front of them.

If this woman wasn't Emily, then why was Jacob treating her so kindly? Perhaps, this notion only helped to prove that this lady must have had special powers to have been able to sway Jacob's heart.

There was an awkward silence that filled the room, as the couples sat there shuffling their feet, while Rita and David looked at Emily with apprehension. Failing to properly address the elephant in the room, after a while, Rita and David made an excuse to leave. As Emily watched her friends leave, a feeling of loss and despair crept into her heart.

While, Ancho and Beryl, secretly observed the situation between the four people unfold from upstairs. As soon as they left the villa, Beryl

Everything is going to be okay."

Fortunately, the doctor did a wonderful job of patching up Dylan's wound quickly. When the boy came to his senses he immediately knew that Emily was blaming herself for the accident with just one look at her. He reached out his hand towards Emily and said, "Why do you look so sad? You really don't have to worry about me. I am a big boy, you know. And I've heard what the doctor said about the scar. That's not a big deal at all. In fact, I think it'll make me look cool and mature!"

Dylan was such a sweet and sensitive boy that he understood why Emily was worried about him. Taking her feelings into consideration, he tried to lift her spirits by pretending to be tough, even though his head was still hurting.

Jacob understood what Dylan was doing and he patted him on the shoulder, as he couldn't be more proud of the person he had become. When Jacob saw Beryl hiding behind Ancho at the top of the stairs, with a guilt-stricken look on her face, he immediately figured out what had happened.

"Ancho, care to explain what happened? Did Dylan fall down the stairs by accident or did someone push him?" Jacob's cold voice drove shivers down her spine.

Ancho avoided Jacob's sharp eyes, trembling with fear, "Sorry, sir! I... I didn't see what happened. It wasn't me! I..."

"This has nothing to do with Ancho. It was me. I pushed Dylan," Beryl confessed. "But it's all his fault! He said all these horrible things about you that got me angry!"

"So you pushed him down? Just because you were angry at him?" Jacob shouted at her.

"Yes! So what? He deserved it!" Beryl felt disappointed at the way Jacob was charging at her.

"Beryl! How dare you!" Jacob roared, "What's the matter with you? Why won't you apologize to Dylan? I am so disappointed at you!" Jacob couldn't understand how the loveliest girl in the world had become such an unruly child.

Emily simply stared at Beryl with a deadpan expression on her face. She was at a complete loss for words.

Beryl had gone too far today. Emily loved her daughter, but that love didn't come without principle. She decided not to defend Beryl, either. She knew that if she had stopped Jacob, Beryl would never realize her mistakes and that would be even worse. Seeing how her daughter reacted today, frightened her to think what her daughter would be like in the future.

If Beryl had simply apologized to Dylan, everything would be different. But she didn't. She thought she would lose face if she did that in front of all the people. And she felt wronged by her father wondering why he chose to stand with Dylan instead of her?

"I refuse to apologize! I refuse to apologize!" Beryl repeated loudly.

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