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   Chapter 711 His Mental Condition Is Getting Much Worse

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Jacob met with Emily's quick glance and exchanged information quietly. In that split second, her eyes formed a picture which Jacob saw in an instant and understood with full depth. That was how well they knew each other.

There was no need for more evidence to back up the fact that Ancho was a drama queen, but she was also someone who had earned Beryl's trust. Taking Beryl's feelings into consideration, her parents decided it wouldn't be in their daughter's best interest to fire the nanny in front of her.

Feigning ignorance, Emily turned to Ancho and said, "Thank you so much for taking care of Beryl while I wasn't here. We really appreciate what you've done for our daughter, so please continue caring for her in the future as well. Jacob, I think it's time to give Ancho a raise, right?"

Jacob concurred affably, puckering his lips in thought and said, "Yes, you are right."

Ancho found it strange that Emily was treating her so well despite the dubious act she pulled on her earlier, but she did not refuse her generosity. "Thank you very much, sir... And ma'am."

Beryl, all the while, didn't know what was going on but watching her parents treat Ancho with so much kindness made her happy.

So far it would seem as though things were off to a good start today.

However, back at the house, Beryl still harboured a sense of puzzlement and incredulity, as she sat propped up in bed, lost in deep contemplation.

'Could that young lady really be my mother?

The striking resemble is hard to shake off, even her voice sounds exactly like my mother's and she seems to know a great deal about me... I wonder if everything she said to me was true?' Beryl thought in mind.

When Ancho caught Beryl in a pensive mood, she understood the wavering mind and skepticism of the little girl.

She quickly shut the door behind her and rushed towards Beryl. Kneeling down on her knees to look at Beryl in the eye, she said, "Miss Beryl, please listen to me."

"Ancho..." Beryl's puzzled expression quickly turned into concern.

Ancho urged her gently, "Tell me what she has told you today so that I can help you, okay?" Of course, by 'she', Ancho was referring to Emily.

Beryl was hesitant at first, but eventually she told Ancho about everything that had happened today hoping to hear her thoughts that could perhaps shed light on her doubts.

"Ancho, do you believe that she is my mother? I know it doesn't make sense but I can feel a sense of familiarity when I am around her," Beryl spoke in a low voice.

"Of course not!" Ancho cut her short, crying out suddenly without hesitation which exposed her agitation towards Emily.

'Beryl is the only one in this house who trusts me. If I lose her support,

Emily' was with her own eyes. Moreover, judging by Jacob's words, Rita and David could clearly see that he had already been brainwashed by the woman who was claiming to be Emily!

They knew that Jacob could be easily fooled due to this vulnerable state, so they wanted to come here and help their friend from getting hurt. After all, it had been so long since Emily had passed away.

The only thing they wanted to make sure of was that whoever Jacob's new love interest was, she must treat Beryl with utmost love and respect.

Dylan left the elders to play with Beryl so the only people in the room were Rita, David and Jacob, catching up over tea.

Jacob sat facing the space between the couple, pouring tea for them and said, "I'm so glad that you've come. Emily has been wanting to see you since we came back. She will be very happy to see you."

David coughed and cleared his throat before he carefully said, "Jacob, are you really sure that she is Emily Bai?"

"Of course! Why would you think otherwise?" Jacob said firmly.

"But Emily is already..."

"Well, it was a misunderstanding. It turned out that she didn't die and I found her in D Country," Jacob cut David short, having guessed what he meant.

Jacob gave them a brief summary of their experience in D Country, in an easy tone, so they wouldn't get worked up. Yet, Rita and David couldn't help feeling sorry for them. David blamed himself for not being there when his best friend needed him the most.

"Anyway, to make a long story short, we have overcome great obstacles to be where we are right now. I can assure you that we are incredibly happy to be together again." Just when Jacob finished his words, Emily came downstairs.

The moment he laid eyes on Emily, the corners of his eyes lit up, leaving a sense of warmth on his face.

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