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   Chapter 710 What Are You Playing At

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Emily could say nothing. Ancho had already begun crying desperately, and she seemed quite miserable, though she acted as if she were pretending to be fine, saying, "I, I'm fine..."

Despite the pretense, Ancho answered in a way which suggested that she was being treated unfairly and was not able to speak about it. She was clearly playing the victim.

However, contrary to her expectations, Jacob did not show any concern for her, but rather walked to Emily and asked in a gentle tone, "What's wrong with her?"

Emily shook her head in some confusion, "I don't really know. This lady seems to be putting on a performance. I don't know what she's playing at."

After hearing this, Ancho's face became even more aggrieved and she denied emphatically, "I, I'm not..."

However, Jacob and Emily still paid no attention to her, despite her overly dramatic attitude.

It was Beryl who bought into her show, and she stood in front of Ancho and quite emotionally seemed to be protecting her. Beryl said angrily, "Daddy, don't you understand? This woman is bullying Ancho!"

"Don't call her 'this woman' or 'that woman', Beryl. It is unacceptably rude," Jacob admonished his daughter. It had never occurred to Jacob that, during the long days of his absence, Beryl could change so much. Obviously she had come under the bad influence of this nanny while he was away.

What was even worse, this maid was attempting to frame Emily!

He was not blind or deaf, so how could he not see through her dirty tricks? Though these tricks could only fool a gullible child, the problem was that Beryl was Emily's weak point.

"Daddy!" Beryl cried while she stamped her little foot in anxiety, then she asked, "Are you getting so old that you have became confused? How can you not tell the difference between right and wrong?"

Jacob had been feeling a growing vexation at her attitude, but hearing his daughter's rant, he laughed suddenly and asked, "You little fool! Who do you think can't tell the difference between right and wrong? I think you have been taught to be bad. So it is better for me to teach you myself from now on."

"What about Ancho?" she asked in consternation.

"The Gu Family doesn't need a maid who is so calculating," he explained calmly while looking at Ancho with a speculative gaze.

Ancho, who had been confident with Beryl standing up for her, suddenly paled as she heard his words. Her expression changed and she began to protest, "Sir..."

"Daddy!" Beryl was so angry that her face turned bright red. Then she shouted loudly, "How can you do this? And Ancho is not a maid! She is my best friend! You can't treat her in such a rude way!"

"Friend?" Jacob was surprised to hear Beryl defend the scheming maid so fervently and he st

vents and special moments that they had shared throughout Beryl's life.

Time passed quickly, while Beryl was absorbed in Emily's narrative.

After she finished, Beryl stared at her with great suspicion, but she began to wonder if she was really her mom. Surely she must be, for she knew so much about Beryl. She had spoken about things which no one but her mother knew of.

Then Beryl asked in confusion, "But why are you suddenly so young?"

Emily explained, "Because a very bad man injected a kind of medicine into my body. This special medicine made me become this way. So this is why you can't recognize me. Beryl, what can I do to make you believe me? Even if you don't believe me, you still believe your father, don't you?"

Beryl was utterly confused, but she replied, "I don't know. I need some time to think..." Beryl became lost in her thoughts. However, at this pivotal moment, Ancho suddenly burst into the room and asked, "Miss Beryl, Miss Beryl! How are you? Is there anything wrong? I'm here if you need anything." In order to prove that she cared for Beryl greatly, Ancho nervously hugged her tightly as soon as she came reached her.

It was as if she thought Emily was a kind of monster that would do something to hurt the child.

Those who didn't know the truth would think that Ancho was in fact Beryl's mother.

It was so ironic and utterly ridiculous to act in such a way right in the face of Beryl's real mother, but Emily had to admit that it stung. It was painful to see another woman being that close to her child.

Emily asked, "Miss Ancho, what are you doing now?"

"Sorry, I...I just care about Miss Beryl so much..."

Ancho tightened her lips and answered, "I have taken care of her since she was little. It is inevitable that she greatly relies on me, and she might feel unsafe without me..."

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