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   Chapter 709 Sorry, Ma'am

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The sparkle in Emily's eyes faded, disappointed by what Beryl had said. Biting her tongue, she couldn't find the right words to express the magnitude of her sorrows.

Jacob clenched his teeth in anger, trying not to let his anger get the best of him, but he couldn't hold back the explosion. "Beryl, do you even know what you're talking about? How can you speak to your mother like that?"

"She's not my mother!" Beryl raised her head just a bit, but the sight of Jacob's angry face frightened her and she immediately hid her face in Ancho's arms again.

The thought of her daughter treating her like a stranger and yet so trusting and intimate with the maid, was a harsh blow to Emily's heart. She had difficulty breathing and it felt like the walls were closing in on her. She couldn't help but reflect on how much she had missed out on being her mother. How much did she lose? The thought of failing to fulfil her obligation as a mother to Beryl mortified her.

Shocked and appalled by her behavior, Jacob shouted, "Beryl, I am utterly disappointed by your words!" Then he looked at Ancho and said, "Put her down. No one is allowed to spoil her like this!"

Emily was afraid that Jacob's anger was only going to make things worse so she sprang up to explain, "Beryl is just a child. She hasn't seen me in a very long time. It's okay. We need to give her some time... Please don't be angry at her. Shouting at her isn't going to help the problem!"

Ancho took a few steps back, feeling intimidated, hiding Beryl in her arms and said, "Sir, please. Miss Beryl is still very young. Please don't be so harsh on her!"

Jacob, however, felt differently. "Is she still young? She is seven years old, and she should be more sensible!" Jacob fist clenched with blanched knuckles and he took heavy breaths to calm his anger. Jacob hated himself for being angry at her, after all, he loved Beryl with all his heart.

But he didn't stop, "Who taught you to speak like that? Tell me."

Ancho's heart tightened into a knot and a hint of guilt appeared in her eyes, but she quickly concealed it again.

Fortunately for Ancho, Beryl did not say anything that would compromise her position. "No one taught me. I was just speaking the truth! She looks nothing like my mother!"

Jacob's eye-brows knitted together and his eyes squinted, but it was a practiced look of disconcertion. He opened his mouth to speak, but Emily grabbed his hand and stopped him.

"Jacob, just let it go. Let's all just be quiet for some time Don't say something you will come to regret later."

Jacob licked his lip

ause she had gained favour with Beryl, who was basically the princess, her importance within the family had risen over the years and earned her the respect of most of the people in the house. As a result, her rise to popularity had led her to forget her true place.

Emily's words acted like a tight slap to her face that reminded her of who she really was in the real world.

'Hateful The woman is simply hateful.'

Emily caught a slight hint of sarcasm in her tone and she nodded, "Well."

Ancho felt embarrassed by Emily's words. When she noticed Jacob walking back to the dining room with Beryl in his arms, an idea suddenly popped into her head.

"Ah!" Ancho screamed out loud, all of a sudden. She fell to the ground, clutching her face and started crying. "I'm sorry, ma'am! I really didn't mean to overstep... Miss Beryl is still young. Please give her some time to adjust..."

Ancho thought that even if Jacob loved Emily, if she could just show him what a horrible bully she was, he would definitely punish her.

She assumed the best way to achieve that was by ruining Emily's image in Jacob's mind.

Meanwhile, Emily sat there with a baffled expression, but soon she caught on to what was going on. She tilted her head back and revealed a smile as if she was amused by Ancho's performance.

Emily was thoroughly amused by the way Ancho threw herself to the floor with such passion and sincerity.

Ancho's eyes shifted to the side again, glazed with a glassy layer of tears and her voice choked up a bit, "Ma'am, I know I was wrong... I beg you to forgive me..."

"What are you doing?" Jacob came in just then with a darkened face. Ancho noticed the fact that he said "you" instead of "both of you".

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