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   Chapter 704 Extra Story 15 Of Sean And Cloris

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Cloris was still considering Leon's words while he apologized yet again, "I'm sorry."

"Fine," she said briskly. Cloris felt a little awkward as she continued, "I don't care about that anymore. So you really don't need to send me gifts in future again. And there's no need to apologize so profusely to me."

"You may not care about it, but I care about it," Leon said with a smile and continued, "Thank you for forgiving me. I still need to make it up to you, as much as I can though."

"I don't think you can make it up to me..." she murmured in a low voice.

"How about I kidnap Charley and bring him here for you?" Leon asked with a wicked glint in his eyes.

"Nonsense!" Cloris stormed. Though she knew that he was joking, she couldn't help feeling a little upset thinking about Charley, her first love. She reminded Leon bitterly then, "Remember, if it weren't for you, Charley and I would have..."

"Charley and you would not be together, regardless. Don't forget about your brother. Am I right?" he interrupted.

Cloris was stunned into silence, as she knew that Leon was speaking the truth. As long as Sean held on to his obsessive love for her, she could never be with anyone. It was a heavy shackle which would bind her for the rest of her life, it seemed.

Even thinking of this left her with a shortness of breath as panic overwhelmed her.

Leon noticed her distress as her face turned visibly pale. He came over and supporting her asked, "What's wrong with you? Are you ill or in pain?"

"I'm okay. I'm just tired and need to rest... Wait! What are you doing?" Leon took her by surprise as he unexpectedly hooked her into his arms, in a tight and protective hug! She never expected that he would cuddle her!

"I'll take you to hospital," he said with a straight face.

"No! There's no need for me to go to hospital." She struggled to free herself from his arms, but failed as he held her even tighter. It seemed that he was determined to be her escort.

Taking no excuses from her, Leon took Cloris to the hospital.

After a brief check-up, the doctor assured them that there was nothing wrong with Cloris, but recommended that she get some rest and avoid excessive tension. Cloris felt a little embarrassed by the whole episode and she chided Leon, "See! I told you that there was nothing wrong. I'm perfectly okay!"

"I'm sorry. I just worry about you," he said nonchalantly. Leon was relieved to know that nothing ailed Cloris. "So, let's get out of here then," he suggested.

"Did I say that I'm leaving with you?" Cloris refuted and turned to leave first. Her snippy rebuke was echoed in her short strides as she headed towards the exit.

Quickly follow

"Leon, this is my brother, Sean. Sean, this is my boyfriend, Leon," she reintroduced them again.

"Hello." The two men shook hands politely and deep eyes locked with each other for a few seconds as they assessed each other.

On the trip home, Cloris kept a careful eye on Sean, but could find nothing untowardly wrong with him. Finally, she allowed herself to feel a little relieved.

'It seems that Sean has really given up his love for me.

Great!' she reassured herself.

Alfred and Carol were quite satisfied with Leon, as they did not care about family background too much. What mattered most to them was quality of character and talent, and Leon had both in spades.

The couple felt so happy at seeing that their daughter had found such an excellent boyfriend. The only thing they worried about now was that Sean seemed not to care much about getting married himself.

However, Sean had now gotten a girlfriend and therefore they decided not to push him too hard.

On the one hand, Sean was thinking of how to deal with his parents' demands, and on the other hand, he was considering how to drive Leon and Cloris apart. His mind ticked through many possible permeations of these problems.

'How can I break up Cloris and Leon?' he wondered while he looked at the happy couple.

With age, Sean had improved at showing a false tolerance and managed to better disguise his intentions so that others would not see through him so easily. However, this man Leon seemed to have gentle but sharp eyes.

It seemed that Leon could see through all of Sean's dirty tricks. He would need a more devious strategy for dealing with the newcomer, Sean decided then.

His mind eagerly considered how to get rid of Leon. There would be no tolerance of competition for Cloris's affections.

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