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   Chapter 703 Extra Story 14 Of Sean And Cloris

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Because of the painful memories that he left her years ago, Cloris extremely disliked Leon.

Although Cloris no longer loved Charley, the shame she suffered because of Leon was like a scar in her heart. So every time she saw the man, that old wound was reopened, and the pain was as fresh as before. It was the root of her hatred for Leon.

She understood and accepted that Leon had struggles of his own, and that he never meant to hurt her. Still, Cloris hated him for his actions that resulted in harmful consequences to her. At that time, she had sworn to never see him for the rest of her life.

However, there was a saying that "One often meets his destiny on the road that he takes to avoid it." And the more Cloris tried to avoid Leon, the more frequent she would run into him. There didn't seem to be a way to get rid of him because he was like a ghost that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. What surprised Cloris more was the fact that Leon was studying in the same school.

It was a well-known exclusive school where all the students were either the brightest or those who are from rich and powerful families. Because of the fierce competition to get into the institution, Cloris was one of those who entered through backdoor channels, although she did excel in her former alma mater. Cloris knew Leon's family was not well-to-do. Therefore, academic excellence was most likely the reason for the boy's acceptance in the school. His family certainly wouldn't have backdoor access for him to get in.

It was quite clear to Cloris that Leon was enrolled there because of his innate intelligence and hard work.

Guilt was the main reason why Leon kept seeking out Cloris. The boy knew he had hurt her before, but at that time, he had no choice. Since the death of his mother, Leon had changed a lot and became a cold person.

The changes in him meant he was no longer easily influenced by others. However, it was undeniable that Cloris had touched his heart.

It was Leon himself who shouldered the expensive tuition to get himself into the school. And the boy also had to rely on his efforts to support himself through school. To demonstrate his sincerity to Cloris, Leon used most of his money earned through part-time jobs to buy her all kinds of presents as his way of apologizing. But Cloris never accepted any of them. Instead, she tossed them in the garbage bin without even looking at them.

She ignored Leon's apology and thought he was a very annoying boy.

How many times had she told Leon that she didn't want to see him again? But why doesn't he listen and insists on making trouble for her? Is he doing that on purpose? Did he want to get her attention by sending her presents? If that was his intention, then it was wishful thinking.

All of Cloris' friends already noticed that a boy kept sending her presents. So, they were eager to figure out who her secret admirer was.

"Tell us, Cloris. Is that boy chasing you?" one of her friends asked when they gathered together one day.

"He must be chasing after you! Every one of us can see this. I think that boy is handsome and kind. So, why don't you pay attention to him, Cloris?" another girl suggested.

"I totally agree!" another girl added. "I also think he's very handsome and charming. Look, he seems very sincere. He even used all his money to please you."

"Oh, come off it! Stop gossiping or talking nonsense," Cloris interrupted. She kept denying how she felt about Leon. "What he did was for atonement because he did something to harm me before." And Cloris tried hard to sound convincing.

But she could tell from the look in her friends' eyes that they didn't believe her. They thought she was

," What's wrong?"

Quietly flustered and her face now beet-red, Cloris murmured shyly, " used my fork."

He realized that he had unconsciously picked up Cloris' fork and used it to eat the cake. Would that count as an indirect kiss?

"Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't notice it was yours. I'll find you a new one." After looking around, he faltered a bit and said, "Errr...well. It seems this is the only fork here. I have to remember to get more from the cake shop. I don't care about these things because, during hard times in my life, I learned to forage for food in garbage cans and had no need for utensils. But if you mind sharing, I will go find another one for you," Leon offered.

His admission about going through tough times was a surprise for Cloris. "It's okay. I've eaten enough," she assured him. "I can't imagine how much you suffered before. Why haven't you asked for support from the Ji family?" Cloris inquired.

She never had to worry about food or other necessities because she was born rich. So, Cloris had no idea about how poor people survived.

After swallowing a mouthful of cake, Leon asked, "Are you really interested to hear my story?"

Nodding, Cloris replied, "Yes, I do want to know." She was like a well-behaved little girl eager to listen to a story.

"So, you don't hate me now?" Leon teased with a smile.

Pretending to be annoyed, Cloris stood up to leave.

Seeing that she was about to leave, Leon quickly stopped her. "All right! I promise not to ask anymore. But please don't go. I'm begging you. Please don't be angry with me," he appealed.

Without saying a word, Cloris turned around quietly, her face ready to listen to his story.

Inhaling deeply, Leon told her about his childhood and his life up to the present. Some of his stories were touching, others were sweet, some were interesting, and others sad. It was hard for Cloris not to laugh as Leon shared a funny experience, and cry when he recounted a bitter memory.

"Your father is horrible! How could he treat you that way!" Cloris said furiously after hearing Leon's story about his relationship with his dad.

Leon calmly replied. "Do you think I should hate him because of how he treated me? If a man has thoroughly disappointed you, yet you never expected anything good to come from him, you won't get mad at that person. You know why? Because you don't care for him regardless of the kind of person he is," he further explained.

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