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   Chapter 702 Extra Story 13 Of Sean And Cloris

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9451

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The man had left quite an impression on Cloris even though it had been a long time since they broke up.

Cloris walked over to him, who without realizing who she was, asked,"Miss, would you like to buy..."

Before he could finish his words, Cloris grabbed the roses from his hand and threw them to the floor, stomping on them with her high-heeled boots.

All the while, Cloris's friends, dumbstruck by her sudden outburst, came forward to stop her.

"Oh my God! Cloris! What are you doing?" one friend asked, pulling her back.

"Do you have something against people who sells flowers for a living?" another added, shaking her head in disbelief.

"Calm down, calm down all of you. We can sort this out in a civil manner," the girl added.

The beautiful roses scattered on the ground stopped innocent bystanders on their tracks and drew their attention towards the scene Cloris was causing. Fortunately, Cloris managed to calm herself down before things got out of hand. She lanced the man in front of her in a soul chilling gaze and said,"Hi, long time no see."

Strangely enough, the man just stared back at her without a surprised look on his face, which, considering the situation, would have been the most understandable reaction. "Have you had enough?"

"Of course not!" Cloris flew into a rage, her eyes flashing in anger,"Enough? This is not even remotely enough compared to what you have done to me, you heartless bastard! It will take a million roses before you can even come close to paying for your actions!"

"Yeah, you are right," he nodded. The man smiled and went down on his knees to pick up the scattered roses.

All the while, Cloris's friends stood aside, puzzled by the dramatic scene that was unfolding right before their eyes.

"Why don't you guys go on ahead. I'll catch up with you in a bit," Cloris told her friends, tilting her head towards them, but still maintaining eye contact with the man.

"Fine. Just remember to call us if you need anything and please be careful. Don't do anything stupid." Soon, Cloris's friends left, allowing her to deal with her problem.

While the curious bystanders who had also taken a momentary pause from their lives, left and went back to their own worlds as well.

Cloris watched as the man gathered all the roses on the ground, her whole body shaking in fury, like a bull pawing the ground before it charges, and sneered contemptuously at him,"Why are you picking those roses up? You can't sell them to people anyway, can you?"

"Yes, you're right. I can't sell them but I need to clean up this mess," he answered without looking at her.

Cloris was at a loss for words, sputtering incoherently at the man, while he suddenly raised his head to look at her. He stood up, reaching out to her with one undamaged rose in his hand and said,

c for the man in front of her but soon she connected the dots and came to understand what happened that year. "So it was you I saw with that girl at the gate of our school?"

It had been such a long time since then that Leon thought there was no point in keeping the truth from her. "That's right. Charley was the one you fell in love with. But your brother did not want him to be with you so he went after him to convince him to break up with you. Charley was too in love, so he disagreed. That's when your brother came to me and offered to give me a large amount of money to make you think that Charley was cheating on you."

"Clap!" Without a conscious thought, Cloris delivered a tight slap across Leon's face.

The truth was even more painful and intolerable than the lie!

'Sean! It's all because of Sean! His abnormal feelings for me managed to destroy my life here!' Cloris was utterly devastated.

"You asshole! You are all assholes!" Cloris came screeching up to Leon, screaming blue murder and throwing punches.

Leon held her arms to control her and said,"Listen, I'm very sorry. I didn't have a choice at the time. I really needed the money..."

"You think it was okay for you to hurt me because you needed the money? You think you can defend your actions and the damage it has done to my life because you needed money? Do you know that if you hadn't done that, I would still be with Charley right now?"

"Sorry...sorry...sorry... My mother was diagnosed with cancer and we needed to come up with a lot of money in a very short amount of time..." Leon said in a low voice.

Cloris steadied her breathing as she straightened her hair and smoothed the hem of her long blue dress. Staring at Leon's face, she realized that he was telling the truth judging by the evident remorse in his eyes.

"Fine, I don't want to see you ever again," she dismissed him.

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