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   Chapter 701 Extra Story 12 Of Sean And Cloris

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Sean understood that his attitude was a little inappropriate, so he calmed himself down at once and said, "I'm sorry, mom. Why didn't you guys talk about this with me? Which country did you send Cloris to?"

Before Carol could say anything, Alfred broke in at once.

"That doesn't concern you and I am not going to tell you anyway."

Shocked by his abrupt dismissal, Sean finally understood the meaningful look Alfred gave him earlier. "What are you trying to say, dad?"

"You tell me!" Alfred finally snapped and banged his fist on the table, screaming in pure rage, "You know very well what you did to your little sister. You bastard!"

Alfred's words were like icy and cold water, trickling down Sean's spine. In the grip of silent panic, Sean's heart trembled.

Maintaining eye contact with Alfred, he spoke his heart without wavering. "Yes, I love her!"

"Bang!" The cracking sound of a tight slap on Sean's face echoed throughout the room.

The force of the blow left him momentarily stunned and his gold-framed glasses to the floor, as he staggered backwards, clutching his face. The open-handed smack stung his face, leaving behind a cut and red welt.

"I should break your legs for saying such ridiculous things!" Alfred erupted violently with fiery anger, wishing to strangle the life out of the boy standing before him.

Sean slowly reached into his pocket and took his handkerchief out. Wiping off the blood from his lips, he said, "If I had a choice, I would have chosen not to be your son in a heartbeat."

"Bastard!" Alfred was spitting with fury as burning rage hissed through his body like deathly poison, "Kneel down, you insolent child!"

Carol was on the verge of breaking down, worrying for her son, but she was just as angry as Alfred. She bit her lip ruefully, knowing what was the follow.

Sean knelt down, fully exposing the skin on his back, while Alfred took out his whip to deliver swift and satisfying justice.

"Admit to your faults now! Say it!"

Sean clenched his teeth and held his breath, refusing to give in. He did not, however, show any signs of struggle and he accepted Alfred's punishment willingly. By the time Alfred was done, the breaking of skin and spreading of blood profusely were only the surface wound. The real bruises were within, that feeling of betrayal, that breaking of trust which was so essential to his soul.

Carol could no longer stand the sight of such grotesque violence. After all, he was her son. Once her motherly instincts kicked in, she broke down in tears, begging, "Sean, p

be good for the Lu Group if its future boss was a cripple. It's weird, but I hope that dad won't break his legs.'

Alfred had the same thoughts as Cloris, which was why he didn't break Sean's legs, but instead, he gave him a whipping that would scar him for the rest of his life.

Cloris, however, knew nothing of it.

She could finally leave that life behind her and no longer have to worry about Sean's inappropriate feelings for her.

She hoped that Sean's feelings for her would disappear as long as she stayed away from him for a few years. That way everyone could eventually have a happy ending.

This thought strengthened Cloris' resolve. While her new life in A country consisted of mainly her school and new friends. Finally, things were starting to look up for her.

On Valentine's Day, she went out with her friends. They sauntered in newly slackened paces wearing nice clothes, weaving between the crowds and the bright lights of the busy market streets.

"Hey mister, would you like to buy a rose for the lovely lady?" Cloris was familiar with this voice, so when she turned to face the seller, she was greeted by a handsome face at once.

Soon, her friends followed her and mumbled amongst themselves.

"Oh my! That boy is so cute!"

"Cloris, he is also an Asian like you."

"Shall we go to ask his number?"

Cloris froze on the spot, fuming in anger. Her expression was different from the excited expressions on her friends' faces. The cute man, who was selling roses, was Cloris's senior and her first love, but she caught him cheating on her.

'That's just great! It's what I like to call, karma!' she thought to herself. Cloris never expected to run into him abroad.

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