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   Chapter 700 Extra Story 11 Of Sean And Cloris

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8708

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"What the hell is this then?" asked Sean. When he unfolded the crumpled leaflet, it read, in bold print: "LOOKING FOR A PARTNER!"

It was a well-designed leaflet, to say the least. It had Sean's picture and personal information in details. Everything.

Cloris's eyes widened in an instant. A sudden flare of overwhelming emotion to which she could only stutter, "Where did you get this?"

"You tell me!" Sean's anger, however, transformed into laughter. Much to her surprise, Sean giggled and said, "Good for you! Now you're brave enough to do this behind my back. Who taught you this?"

"Nobody! I came up with it on my own!" Cloris sprang at him and grabbed the leaflet from his hand.

She had made copies of it so she could passed it around to the pretty girls in school. Cloris just wanted to create more opportunities for Sean to get to know more girls.

"Do you have any ideas about what are you doing now? You really want me to be with other girls, don't you?" Sean asked. Her indifferent look brought back the rage to his heart.

The guilt in Cloris's heart was now starting to appear on her face and she stammered, "I, I know you are my brother, but sooner or later you're going to get married and have a family of your own."

Her words were fashioned into knives, stabbing at his heart without pause. Sean gave her a bitter smile and enunciated his every word, "Cloris! Good for you!"

When she looked into his dark eyes, Cloris saw a glint of danger in his eyes. Her instincts were telling her that she needed to run away from this man right now.

But before she could even move, Sean pulled her back with his long arms and guided her over his knees so she was facing downwards, as if she were on all fours.

Helpless and quite frankly astonished, Cloris was like a lamb waiting to get slaughtered. She felt incredibly humiliated, as any sensible woman at her age would. She struggled to get out of Sean's grip and shouted at him. "Sean! What the hell are you doing? Let go of me! Do you hear me?"

The moment the last word left her mouth, she received a tight swat to her buttocks!

The sharp pain drove her mind blank. After a few seconds, she finally reacted and yelled, "Sean Lu! Are you crazy? Did you just spank me?"

Sean made no answer in response. He held Cloris down with only one hand, and his free hand continued spanking her louder in quick succession.

The burning anger in her chest exploded, and she was utterly devastated by shame. Never in her entire life had Sean ever punished her in such a shameful way, no matter how naughty she was.

'He just mea

ked, scratching her head, "Perhaps this is because Cloris is just going through a rebellious phase? She's like a ticking time bomb around the house. I can't believe she's angry at her brother as well. Who would have thought it?"

Meanwhile, Alfred showed no concern about this matter and answered, "Come on! They're just kids, acting out. You remember what it was like to be their age! Just let them be. Cloris had been following Sean around ever since she was a little girl, but Sean always ignored her. Now things have turned around. It's time for Sean to know the feeling of being ignored. Whatever it is, it's for them to sort out. We shouldn't interfere in their lives. Sean is her big brother anyway. It's just a little squabble between kids. It's not a big deal!"

Carol nodded, feeling convinced by Alfred's reasoning and she stopped concerning herself with it.

The continuous presence of Sean only annoyed Cloris even more. As a result, she was throwing tantrums all the time.

Sean noticed that pestering would only make things worse, so he decided to give her some space.

One day, when he returned home from work, he didn't see his parents or Cloris. Sean didn't find this strange at first, until his parents came back home at night.

Sean asked them at once, "Where's Cloris?"

Alfred gave him a meaningful look and answered, "We sent her abroad for higher education."

Sean grimaced at his words. It was obvious that he wasn't happy to hear that. "How come? Dad, don't you know how dangerous it is to send a girl at her age abroad? How could she handle things all by herself? Didn't we agree to not let her go abroad?"

"Calm down! Sean! We..." Carol began, as she looked at him, but then she fell silent.

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