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   Chapter 698 Extra Story 09 Of Sean And Cloris

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Cloris developed some plans and a scheme formed in a short time, so she invited Sean on Sunday.

Sean had thought that his younger sister would stay away from him, so he could not believe it at first when she contacted him with the invite. He even felt a little bit flattered, and although he couldn't hear her clearly over the phone, he accepted without hesitation.

Quite happy with the state of matters, Cloris enjoined him, "Remember to dress smartly."

Because of her words. Sean had been struggling to choose the most suitable clothes from his closet for almost three hours. In the end he had phoned a stylist to help him solve this problem of what to wear.

On the appointed day, they headed out separately as per Cloris's request. Sean arrived at the destination, an amusement park, early.

As soon as he arrived, he caught sight of Cloris's figure walking up to the gate, and he could not help smiling. His smile froze though, when he saw that she was not alone. There was someone else with her.

There was a girl standing beside Cloris.

Sean also knew this girl, because she was Cloris's best friend, Sandra.

Seeing them together, the smile left Sean's face completely. He had thought that this was a special occasion, a date for him and Cloris. It had never occurred to him that there would be a third party present.

Hesitantly, Sean accepted this reality. 'It doesn't matter, ' he told himself. 'As long as Cloris doesn't dislike me.' At least the person spoiling their date was a girl and not a boy. So why should he mind?

At this thought his mood lightened considerably and he smiled tenderly as he stepped forward to greet them. With his long legs, he quickly caught up to the girls and greeted, "Hi, Cloris. Hi, Miss Lin."

At his polite greeting, Sandra quickly reciprocated, "Hi, Master Lu."

Seeing them greet so stiff and formally, Cloris frowned and asked, "You two are too polite to each other, aren't you? I know that you two have met each other before. Why then do you still call each other Miss Lin and Master Lu? Isn't that weird? How about this? Dear elder brother, you call her Sandra as I do. And, Sandra you can call him Sean! It sounds much closer and simpler, doesn't it?"

Sandra didn't know what to say, and was left speechless, "..."

Then, Sean greeted again, "Hi, Sandra."

instinctively Sandra responded, "Hi, Sean."

After hearing the somewhat strained greeting, Cloris happily clapped her hands and cheered, "That's the way it should be! Oh, wait here while I go buy something. You two get to know each other better, and don't go anywhere else."

Before Sean could object, Cloris scurried off, as if she were being chased, and then she disappeared into the crowds.

Despite the busy amusement park, Sean and Sandra seemed marooned in th

e forced to go on.

"Cloris, if you are afraid, you can hold my hand." Sean offered in a gentle voice from the other side of the particularly scary dinning room. He was even about to take the initiative, and began to reach for her hand.

However, defying his expectation, Cloris just quickly shook off his hand and replied, "Actually, I'm not afraid at all! You had better hold Sandra's hand. I'm afraid she is so afraid that she is shivering right now. As a man, you should take care of her!"

While speaking, Cloris walked forward boldly to the next room as fast as she could. It was as if she wanted to hide away from the two others on purpose.

Not knowing how long it had taken, Cloris finally got rid of the other two, so she kept moving deeper into the haunted house. There was a total silence all around her, even the eerie wind had died down.

She tried to continue moving forward, but all of a sudden, she felt a hand touch her feet and it grabbed her ankle tightly!

"Ah!" Cloris screamed loudly, because she was quite shocked. She wanted to run away, but she tried to shake off the restraining hand in vain. Furthermore, as she looked up, she suddenly saw several bloody heads dangling in front of her from the ceiling!

She became so frightened, that she thought her heart would leap from her chest, as she struggled desperately against the hand still clutching her leg. Struggling desperately, her eyes full of fear, she had even forgotten that it was just a staff member in disguise!

At that moment, a slender hand took hold of her hand and drew her into a warm embrace.

The scary ghosts automatically disappeared all of a sudden, but Cloris was still lost in the horror and hadn't returned to reality yet. In a state of panic, she kept kicking at the man who was hugging her, and she shouted in a trembling voice, "Let me go! Let me go!"

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