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   Chapter 697 Extra Story 08 Of Sean And Cloris

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Cloris was sulking and she refused to talk to anyone because her parents wouldn't let her go abroad for higher studies.

When Sean came downstairs, Alfred and Carol's eyes lit up as if they had seen their holy savior. "Sean, come here. Sit down and have breakfast with us. Your sister loves being with you so much, surely she will eat more with you by her side."

They were speaking the truth, but that truth had changed ever since Cloris' 18th birthday.

Now Sean couldn't help feeling awkward, self-conscious, embarrassed and even confused, but he hid all out of that under a perfunctory smile. What happened between the two of them must have broken Cloris's trust in him.

Having succumbed to paranoia, he assumed that she was sickened and disgusted by his presence.

As he expected, Cloris remained distant and coldly unapproachable. She lowered her head the moment she saw him and ate only a slice of bread before she stood up to leave for school without even glancing at him a second time.

The glimmer of hope in Sean's eyes dimmed and his face clouded over with disappointment. Sean chewed the food reluctantly, finding it tasteless and hard to swallow.

In the past, he was the one who used to give Cloris the cold shoulder as a child. Fast forward to the present, their positions were reversed and Sean finally understood what it must have felt like to be subjected to such indifference. Shock and remorse appeared in his heart and the pink in his cheeks faded to a pale colour as he thought about how he had treated Cloris with blithe ignorance as a child.

When Cloris was just a child, she was so adorable that anyone who saw her wanted to pick her up and play with her. She was a chubby child with big, innocent eyes and rosy lips like steamed buns, that could melt the coldest of hearts in an instant. She would walk around dressed like a little cherub, in a pink-and-lace romper and white buckle shoes.

As a child the one person Cloris felt most attached to was her brother, Sean.

Unfortunately, her brother wasn't too fond of children so he never wanted to pick her up and carry her around the house. He thought the children were the childish and tiresome living beings.

But now, if he could go back in time, he would hold her in his arms and make her laugh every day. He would cherish spending every second and minute with her.

Unfortunately, time and tide waited for no man and turning back the hands of time was not an option. Sean had lost his chance and there was no way he could make up for his indifference to Cloris back then.

Meanwhile, Cloris, who had arrived at her school, was mulling over her own thoughts. She sat in the classroom, absent-minded, consumed by deep thought. The teacher's words went over her head, mostly because she wasn't paying attention.

As soon as class was over, her best friend, Sandra, came running up to discuss the latest gossip in school with her.

The sight of Sandra approaching her brought Cloris back to reality. Suddenly, her eyes lit up as if an idea had just popped into her head. She earnestly urged her, "Sandra, I want to ask you something and you must answer my questions as honestly as you can."

Sandra seldom saw Cloris talk to her so much sincerity, so she subconsciously straightened her face and said, "Go ahead! What do you want to ask me?"

Cloris looked around and made sure that nobody was looking at them. She leaned over and whispered into Sandra's ear, "Do you like my brother?"

Sandra flushed to her ears in an instant after she heard Cloris's w

he's becoming used to being alone. That isn't a good sign."

Cloris was troubled by Sean's aberrant behavior the other night. The fact that he kissed his sister without remorse was deeply unsettling for Cloris.

As his loving sister, she needed to correct his wayward thoughts and drive him in the right direction to be a nice upstanding man of society.

'Alas, what a good sister I am!' Cloris thought to herself.

Keeping her brother's interest at heart, she concluded that by introducing her best friend, Sandra, to her brother and bringing them together, she was helping two people that was close to her achieve happiness and companionship. Everything would be back to normal if she had succeeded in her plans...

The mere thought of actually being set up with Sean, the man of her dreams, cheered Sandra up. However, she knew that someone like Sean was like the moon in the sky, for someone like her. As a result, this was actually a 'win-win' situation for her. It would be great if they ended up falling in love with each other. And if they didn't, then at least she would have had her chance with him.

Sandra quickly disposed of her shyness and readily volunteered to help Cloris with her top-secret plan.

The two young girls meticulously discussed their next step together. Both of them were so excited that their faces turned red. Meanwhile, Sean, who was in a meeting at the company office, knew nothing about their plan. But for some inexplicable reason he had an ominous presentiment causing him to sneeze violently during the meeting.

After the meeting, Alfred gave him a worried look and said, "It's a bit cold today. You should have worn some warm clothes."

However, the clothes he was wearing now was a gift from Cloris, which she had gifted him half a month ago. Now that the weather was starting to get colder, his clothes weren't appropriate for the season.

But since they were given to him by Cloris, he wanted to wear them everyday, as if he could cheat himself into thinking that Cloris still cared about him.

Meanwhile, Alfred had no idea what was going on between his son and his daughter. He exhorted his son with concern, "You are an adult now, and you should take good care of yourself. Remember to wear more clothes from tomorrow. Don't make your mother worry about you."

Sean nodded and replied, "Yes, dad. I will."

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